Success is Bullshit.

Let’s be real. The traditional idea of success is bullshit.

Who is anyone to define how successful you are? Who is anyone to force their expectations onto you? See, this is how life becomes much more difficult than it’s meant to be. Life is simple. And, we each have the power to manifest a most fulfilling life in our own vision. It starts inside. Only inside do we know the full extent of our trials and real strength. So, why do we continue to give everyone else the power to make us feel less than the greatest version of ourselves?


Success doesn’t lie in the monetary or materialistic; it shouldn’t be based on the superficial fluff of this world. Over the last 9 months, I’ve stripped away the “excess” from my life to hone-in on what truly matters — love, family, experiences, music and good energy. I grew wings, and my idea of a successful life made a huge shift. I realized there is no lasting joy in the clothes, jewelry, exec title, fancy brunches and all the other expenses of keeping up with the Joneses in, of all places, New York City. Agh! I cringe just thinking about the rat race. Sure, I was making money and my life reflected a traditional idea of success, but I was miserably empty. I was lost; misguided by a worldly definition.

The sooner we reclaim power over our lives, the better we’re able to live more freely and joyous. Let’s define success by our own standard to break the external chains and free our minds. For me, success is waking up every morning able to look myself in the mirror free of regrets. This isn’t to say my yesterdays aren’t plagued with failures and bad decisions, it’s me saying I wouldn’t change a thing. There’s no way I can feel a sense of disappointment or sorrow looking back at how far I’ve come. My growth is very real; more so than any outside opinion of success. Epiphany! My happiness starts and ends with me.

How do you define success in your life?

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