Rua Augusta on the way to Praça do Comércio

Week 4: Life in Lisboa

Soaking in the Last Lisbon Moments

The most important thing about this year is going to be staying present. With 75 remotes and varying interests, FOMO is REAL. There will always be an activity you’re missing but if you focus on that, you might miss the experience right in front you, which is all that counts. Here’s how I avoided FOMO and loved every moment of my last week in Lisbon:

Monday, August 22: A Day in the Life

Monday was a true day in the life of how I’d spend my day as a local in Lisbon. I did some yoga on the rooftop, ran to the city centre to see the view from the top of Elevador de Santa Justa, grabbed some coffee on the way back at the lovely Fabrica Coffee Roasters and then volunteered after work with an incredible crew of remotes to cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House.

Morning run to Elevador de Santa Justa

Tuesday, August 23: Marathon Day

Tuesday was a marathon day full of exploring, working and celebrating. I woke up early to make it to Alfama to explore Lisbon’s flea market, the Feira de Ladra and then work from Memmo Alfama, a boutique hotel with the most amazing views. I’d absolutely stay there next time I’m in Lisbon. After work, I headed to Castelo de Sao Jorge to catch the sunset over the city followed by bites at the wonderfully delicious Taberna Tosca. We then headed to Bairro Alto (again) to Clube de Esquina for a remote’s birthday surprise. With so many of us we essentially took over the bar until migrating to Park (again, because rooftop dancing).

Wednesday, August 24: Break Day

After a marathon Tuesday and the fact that I got locked out by one client’s IT department, Wednesday became a day of much needed rest. In prep for Morocco I got henna and love it. The artist just started drawing and 15 minutes later, the gorgeous work was complete!

Thursday, August 25: Last Lisbon Moments

Thursday called for another am run, but this time to soak in some seaside time and last glimpses of the azulejos. After work we headed to the 2nd accommodation, 9sl, for a farewell to Lisbon party and then out on Pink Street.

Friday: August 26: Farewell Friday

It seemed fitting to end life in Lisbon with a sunset and fado so we went up to Miradouro da Senhora do Monte and returned to the perfection that is Mesa de Frades.

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