Why travel will help you find your purpose and change the world

Greg Caplan
Sep 23, 2016 · 3 min read

Find your Purpose

Haven’t found your calling yet? No better place to wrestle with big ideas than on the road.

Travel gives you a rich perspective of cultural issues and life-changing insights as you take part in unique global experiences. You will experience global issues up close on a local level and have the opportunity to hone in on the causes that matter most to you.

Build Skills + Network

Remote Year brings together a community of 75 diverse people to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities around the world. Throughout your journey, you will build the platform you need to achieve your goals.

Global Intelligence

Living in 12 countries, you will develop unique insight into how to operate in a globalized environment. Global intelligence is becoming the key to success as the world becomes more connected.

Leadership Decision-Making

You will experience some of the most challenging and fulfilling times of your life, immersed in a dynamic environment. You will learn how to make analytical decisions in new and changing circumstances.

Innovation and Creativity

Remote Year centers around delivering high-impact professional and cultural events around the world to encourage entrepreneurship, collaboration and creativity. In this diverse community of passionate go-getters, each person is not only motivated to excel in their own work, but to contribute and draw inspiration from others.

Inspiring Community

As the forerunners of the Remote Revolution, Remote Year participants learn, work, and celebrate a truly diverse community with participants hailing from over 30 countries, ranging from 23–64 years old, and from dozens of professional industries. We reach across borders and boundaries to bring together global leaders that love to challenge the status quo.

Change the world

Our participants become thought leaders who will drive the future. Remotes are already pursuing their passions and changing the world by leveraging our platform to create positive change.

The people who thrive in our program are those who are passionate about life and bold enough to live out of the box. Remotes take an active role in defining their experience with the intention of bettering themselves and others.

But most importantly, our Remotes become members of an extraordinary group of people — the Remote Nation — who stand among the happiest and most productive in the world.

Work hard, play hard, better yourself and change the world!

We encourage you to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity. Apply now! Once you apply, our team will walk you through the process of working with your employer to make remote work work for you. We have already been successful doing this at 100+ companies and 20+ Fortune 500 companies!

Go Remote

Musings from the the global Remote Year community and beyond. Inspiration and resources for location-independent professionals.

Thanks to Remote Year

Greg Caplan

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Founder @RemoteYear. Hydration Specialist. Dreamer.

Go Remote

Go Remote

Musings from the the global Remote Year community and beyond. Inspiration and resources for location-independent professionals.

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