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Ace! We’re opening a new office in Toronto

Toronto skyline

We announce the opening of our second office in Toronto, Canada. Since the launch of Go Weekly in 2014 we’ve been working for over 30 clients both SME and large corporates using our Weekly Sprint methodology. The expansion to Canada gives us the opportunity to help even more clients ‘make sure — as quickly and as cheaply as they can — that they are building the right it before they build it right.’

Helping companies to innovate is exciting. It’s a surprise where you end up each day, you meet a variety of people and above all your brain has to crunch the most challenging business problems.

Wait, but why Canada? Well first of all, the people are friendly, the country is beautiful and the newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a great guy. Here is a picture in which he cuddles with baby pandas.

Some other things we like about Canada

BTW: last week we launched Sprint for Enterprises; an online repository for everyone who wants to know all about the Sprint methodology. An extensive overview of only the best articles, cases and videos out there. Curated and sorted to help you focus on getting things done.


Go Weekly is your strategic partner in innovation. Translating trends and ideas into digital product concepts, every week.




Go Weekly brings ideas to life with tailored Design Sprints. Accelerating innovation from napkin to prototype. Co-creating groundbreaking product concepts and validated digital prototypes.

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Go Weekly

Go Weekly

We bring ideas to life with Strategy and Design Sprints for Enterprises. Creating digital strategies, groundbreaking product concepts and visual prototypes.

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