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Case: How to innovate from home

A Remote Opportunity Lab with ADG dienstengroep

ADG dienstengroep operates several employment agencies in the cleaning & facility management, care & welfare and personnel services sectors. Differentiated for multiple professional audiences. They now have plans to differentiate for yet another niche with a completely new brand.

With team members scattered all over the Netherlands, we decided to organize a series of remote Sprints. Running productive and creative sessions while working from home.

The challenge

What does an innovative digital proposition for (gig) work look like for a new market segment? (Unfortunately we are not at liberty to discuss the target group or our solution for this challenge.)

Our approach

We ran an Opportunity Lab with three remote Sprints: starting with a tailored 3-day Concept Sprint Special, followed by a Validation Sprint of about 2 weeks, before concluding with another 4-day Concept Sprint Original.

“Fast thinkers who use technology to simplify things.” — Joke Veenstra, ADG dienstengroep

With this setup, we were able to not only to involve team members from multiple organizations within the company but also allow for additional experimentation. Exploring and remotely validating a variety of concept directions with the a diverse target group.

The creative character of a Design Sprint doesn’t naturally translate to ordinary video conferencing. Luckily, as a small but global company, we know what it’s like to work with remote teams.

We were able to keep most of the Sprint’s mindset while adapting the process to digital interaction between team members. Using state-of-the-art tooling for interaction, collaboration and user testing. We’ve written a full article on how we’ve adapted our way of working to innovate from home.

Are you ready to find out how Sprints can help you solve your challenges? Don’t wait any longer and get in touch with our team!



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