Go Weekly Design Sprint Manifesto

We believe that companies can innovate smarter by putting their next digital product idea in the hands of users before anything else.

We use the method that Google Ventures applies to their startups at our corporate and enterprise clients. The Go Weekly Sprint triples the speed of innovation and cuts the cost of development and going to market in half. It’s the fast track for innovation, so to say.

It’s also a form of business agile that’s not for everyone. The 5 day Sprint requires a dedicated team, usually around 4–6 people, who work together with us from sharing insights on Monday to validating a product concept with real users on Friday.

Though a validated digital prototype is the key output of the week, the real win of working together with our clients in horizontal, multi-disciplinary teams, is thinking faster by aligning the knowledge of various departments.

We’ve already been working with progressive companies in Europe and beyond to generate game changing concepts for over 2 years.

So far, we’ve done strategic and conceptual projects for ABN AMRO Bank, Unilever, AIR MILES and many others, that usually take months and huge investments. Instead, we find a valid product-market fit in just 5 business days.

Basically, Go Weekly brings ideas to life, within one week.

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