The 15 coolest ice cream companies

The Benchmark Series

This post is part of the Benchmark Series, listing the most innovative challenger companies in different traditional markets. These benchmarks are part of the Tuesday in the Design Sprints we do for our enterprise clients.

Summer is here, and it’s a good one. The AC is running around the clock, in both our Toronto and Amsterdam offices. So, when we go outside we’re craving some ice cream. For this Benchmark Series Summer Special we looked for the most interesting, delicious, and coolest ice cream companies around the world. Enjoy!

Solo Gelato, Israel

Ice cream lovers around the world may soon be able to make the frozen treat right in their kitchens. An Israeli startup has developed a capsule system that would make fresh ice cream in an instant with just the click of a button, much like a coffee machine. Solo Gelato’s capsules come in 24 flavors — and counting — and are a little larger than coffee capsules. They cater to different tastes and diets, offering a number of varieties including sugar-free, organic, and alcoholic options.


MiiRO is the first super delicious chocolate-coated ice lolly that is free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar, packed with nutrients and only 170 calories. Healthier, indulgent and packed with nutrients.

Nobó, Ireland

Ireland’s first dairy & gluten free ice cream made from the natural goodness of coconut milk and avocado. All of the products they make at Nobó are handmade in Ireland in small batches, by real people.

Wheyhey, UK

Wheyhey makes ice cream for everyone living outrageously well — the busy mums and the commuters, the 6am gym-goers and the sweet-toothed cravers. Because a strong, healthy body allows us to do amazing things.

Claudi & Fin, UK

After struggling to find any natural ice lollies with wholesome ingredients, they set about making their own at the kitchen table. After months of taste testing they perfected the recipe for Claudi & Fin’s first product — a naturally delicious frozen lolly made with Greek style yoghurt, real fruit and vitamin D.

Snow Monkey, USA

Snow Monkey is an innovative health foods company that is committed to being an integral part of an adventurous, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Snow Monkey Superfood Ice Treat is made from only seven natural, plant-based ingredients, making it vegan, paleo, non-dairy and free from all eight major allergens like gluten, soy, nuts and lactose.

Coolhaus, USA

Equally important to their dedication to innovation is the commitment to quality. Each Coolhaus treat is handcrafted with hormone free, real California milk, cage free eggs, fairtrade chocolate and the freshest, most unique ingredients available, meaning some flavors and ingredients are seasonal to promote peak flavor and responsible sourcing. Coolhaus is also a certified woman-owned business.

White Cub, India

White Cub DairyFree IceCreams are creamy-fruity-chocolatey healthy ice creams. They have been specifically created to fill in certain crucial gaps. There was no ice cream in the Indian market suitable for people looking for dairy free and healthy alternatives. Besides, directly serving those people who suffer from dairy allergy, lactose intolerance, gluten allergy, White Cub IceCreams’ production entails smaller carbon footprint than those of dairy laden versions.


This is the world’s most innovative frozen cocktail. With a shot of rum in each one. Dreamt up on the beaches of Miami, LIC was envisioned by two best friends who wanted to package the taste of summer. So they decided to shake up the frozen cocktail market to deliver the most awesome summer product, since, well, the bikini.

Nelwa’s Gelato, Tanzania

Nelwa’s Gelato is inspired by the abundance of fruits and spices in Tanzania. They produce unique flavours such as lavender, baobab and cinnamon. Their products have a lower % of fat than industrial ice cream, the main flavor ingredient shines through (4 to 8% compared to industrial ice cream’s 10 to 20%). They satisfy a growing need for flavourful, Afro-centric, locally sourced, healthy, and delicious gelato that is unlike anything in the market.

Beckon, USA

Beckon is the first premium ice cream that is dairy full and lactose free. Instead of using dairy alternatives, they use the lactase enzyme to make their ice cream lactose free. All Beckon flavors are made with high quality rBST-free milk and cream from a farmer-owned co-op in the Northeast, egg yolks, and non-GMO pure cane sugar without any gums or artificial stabilizers. Beckon is also a women-owned company.

Chloe’s Fruit, USA

With clean, simple ingredients, Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit offers big, delicious flavor using only fruit, water and a touch of organic cane sugar. They created the all-natural alternative to both the artificial ingredients of frozen yogurt and the fat and dairy of ice cream.

MilkMade, USA

MilkMade is a craft ice cream company based in New York City. They run an ice cream of the month delivery service in which they craft two unique flavors every month, using only the finest locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients, and hand deliver them to their members. Since they launched in December 2009, they’ve grown to serve thousands across New York City.

Pan-n-Ice, UK

At Pan-n-Ice they make ice rolls ‘in front of your eyes’ within a fun, playful environment within 60 seconds! The co-founders Rob and Henry wanted Pan-n-Ice to represent more than just an ice cream. Pan-n-Ice represents positive energy, fun, flavour, and a more playful way of looking at life.

Three Twins, USA

Three Twins was born in San Rafael, California in 2005 when Founding Twin Neal Gottlieb set out to craft delicious, affordable and accessible ice cream exclusively using incredible organic ingredients. Their mission: To produce inconceivably delicious organic ice cream that is affordable and accessible while giving back. They serve their scoops in compostable dishes with compostable spoons.

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