The 16 innovative HR and Recruitment tools you should know about

The Benchmark Series

This post is part of the Benchmark Series, listing the most innovative challenger companies in different traditional markets. These benchmarks are part of the Tuesday in the Design Sprints we do for our enterprise clients.

HR is more than an administrative support function — it plays an increasingly strategic role in any business. An effective HR department utilizes the latest technology to attract, hire and retain the best employees for the company. Managing and measuring performance reliably helps managers ensure that the workforce operates at peak efficiency. These 16 Human Resource and Recruitment tools are changing the industry as we know it.

BambooHR, USA

HR is for the people, not the paperwork. That’s why BambooHR created the online Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that makes time for the work you were meant to do. But change can be hard. So here’s their promise: BambooHR guarantees your success when changing from spreadsheets to our intuitive online HR software.

Breezy, USA

Breezy is end-to-end recruiting software designed to optimize your recruiting process and delight your entire team. Bring everyone on board in less time (and with less hassle) with their user-friendly, feature-rich applicant tracking system.

Cammio, The Netherlands

Cammio is a powerful cloud-based video recruitment platform featuring live, automated and video pitch interviews. Pre-screening should be effective and fun for both candidate, recruiter and hiring manager. Cammio helps companies to upgrade their hiring practices while offering a best-in-class candidate and employer branding experience.

Charlie, UK

When you’re working hard to bring your ideas to life, your first priority should be your team, not your admin. Charlie solves the challenges that you face while starting your own businesses. They know the difference that even a few saved hours can make in a busy working week. Charlie gives you more time to do more of what matters, and more of what you love.

Crystal for Teams, USA

Crystal helps you communicate effectively with your coworkers, understand group dynamics, and build high-performing teams. They go beyond the DISC assessment and build teams with instant chemistry. Crystal makes applying DISC easy and unforgettable. The assessment is only the starting point.

Gusto, USA

Gusto wants to create a world where work empowers a better life. They’re making the most complicated, impersonal business tasks simple and personal. Imagine HR that transforms work into a community, payroll that brings everyone peace of mind, and benefits that help people plan for a better future.

Homerun, The Netherlands

Homerun is a full force, beautifully designed applicant tracking system for companies that care about brand, culture, and fit. Companies using Homerun share a passion for creativity, design and innovation. They all agree hiring people should be more fun, authentic and intuitive.

Humi, Canada

Humi is a complete, cloud-based HR software solution designed and built for companies in Canada. Their mission is to make running your small to mid-sized business easier, more efficient, and scalable.

InterQ, Canada

InterQ is an iOS app used in the interview process to help create conversational topics between the applicant and interviewer. The app is first used by the applicant to answer a few questions. Based on the answers, a response sheet is generated which provides a basis for open discussion and thought exchange.

Intuit Workforce, USA

Intuit Workforce helps companies to scale their on-demand workforce. Schedule candidates and review their documents, integrate directly with industry-standard services and take tedious tasks out of your workflow.

Knack, USA

Knack gives people the power to discover their potential and connect with their life opportunity. Companies use Knack to identify and reach high potential people in diverse talent pools. People use Knack to broadcast their talent and connect with job opportunities. Governments, communities, and schools use Knack to help their citizens and students get the right job.

Monimen, Estonia

Monimen is a creative talent recruitment platform for project based idea building with talented people. They’ve a unique scoring system to qualify people based on their public portfolios. Their unique idea cards are a discreet pitching tool for entrepreneurs to pitch startup ideas without revealing the idea itself.

Polly, USA

Polly is reimagining the world of enterprise polls and surveys through the medium of messaging. Engage your team and boost participation with simple and recurring polls in messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Rippling, USA

Rippling automatically does the 100 little things that IT, HR, Facilities, Legal, Finance, and employees have to do when joining, working at, or leaving a company. From buying a computer to running payroll.

Talkpush Chatbot, Hong Kong

Stanley is Talkpush’s recruitment assistant. A chatbot which handles the incoming messages on your Facebook Page and is able to serve as a the first point of contact between candidates and your recruitment team.

Workable, USA

Workable is more than an applicant tracking system, it’s recruiting software designed to help you hire better as a team. Putting people at the heart of recruiting, it’s all the hiring tools you need, in one place. Less email, less admin.

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