Wedium — the alternative for wedding gifts

The ultimate wedding gift is the most beautiful day of your life.

Around 60% of couples live together before they get married nowadays, and those that don’t may well have had their own flat or house before moving into the marital home — either way, each partner is going to be fairly well-equipped on the domestic front. With so many couples living together before getting married, there is no longer such a great need for those wedding staples of knives, forks and a nice set of crockery.

As wedding gifts were traditionally meant to help couples kit out their home, what can you ask for instead?

Well, apparently four out of five couples will request money as a wedding present. Which makes sense when you realize that the average price of what once was a simple ceremony now soars to $26,720. While most guests these days just give the couple cash-stuffed envelopes at the wedding, the new trend is to ask guests to cover the costs of their meal and a share of the entertainment. Bank details are often printed at the bottom of the invitation so you can pay for the meal in advance. At the same time, there is a big trend in moving from physical goods in a traditional registry, to giving experience based gifts. Increasingly, couples don’t bother with a gift list and just ask you to contribute to the cost of their honeymoon.

That got us thinking.

With the promise of your wedding day being the most special and memorable day of your life, why not let that day itself be the ultimate gift?

In various parts of Asia it is an unspoken rule to ‘pay’ for the dinner at a wedding reception. Guest give the bride and groom a red packet, containing money as a congratulatory gift for the married couple. If we believe that a wedding, a marriage, is so important and valuable why just follow tradition, and not put original, creative, critical, positive thought into it and create new traditions? One that doesn’t inconvenience or cost everyone more money, one that maximizes the number of people we can have celebrating with us. One that not only celebrates the bride and groom, but the guests themselves, as participants and contributors. So basically, having your guest go Dutch and contribute to the most wonderful day of your life.

How would something like that look like in 2017? That’s the question we asked ourselves during an in-house Design Sprint focused on the wedding industry. Here is what we came up with.

Introducing Wedium

Wedium is just a concept (for now). A visual illustration of our vision for a new era in planning, organizing and funding weddings. A combination of new ways of involving guests in the most beautiful day of our lives and the latest trends in digital user experience.

We’ve created two interactive prototypes for you to explore:

  1. A wedding dashboard tablet app for the engaged couple
  2. A mobile RSVP website for guests.

Take Wedium for a spin

The prototype is not just a bunch of pretty pictures. It’s an actual clickable demo of our vision. Try it for yourself.

Wedding Dashboard
Guest RSVP

An Ideation Kings Project

Wedium is a project of Ideation Kings. We do tons of small experiments, that sometimes become cool projects and once in a while result into real startups. The common denominator is our belief in continuous product innovation.

The prototype was created by our prototyping studio Go Weekly. As the lightweight strategic partner for Design Sprints, we translate trends and ideas into a digital prototype in one week.

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