JIRA Service Desk will solve IT Support Woes — Part Two

Unless you are already using JIRA Service Desk, your users or customers probably aren’t getting the first level support that they expect to receive. Customers (including IT workers, software developers, and others) expect support to primarily be self-service, and expect that their issues will be resolved without requiring escalation. However, with decreasing funds for development, IT departments have been challenged to deliver the support users expect.

In Part One, we explored some of the issues that have brought to a head the need for a cost-effective, robust solution to the service dilemma. In this blog, we’ll explore a few more issues, and briefly describe how JIRA Service Desk is the answer to these challenges. We’ll also invite you to an event where you can learn more about JIRA Service Desk and see for yourself how valuable it is to your organization.

Development teams have been moving towards agile development. However, in many organizations, IT is not aligned with the efforts of development. Each group has its own development silo, and the IT and development processes are not aligned. In order to effectively deliver support, IT, development, and the other departments in an organization must be aligned with each other.

The Gartner Group recently found that 38% of global IT spending is managed outside the IT department. IT is moving to the cloud for storage, computing, and other resources. While IT moves to the cloud for services, available internal resources will continue to shrink.

Although certain parts of the IT organization must dedicate their efforts to internal IT, other parts of the IT organization must move at the speed of the cloud, using an agile approach. This split approach — between traditional IT and agile IT in the cloud — is referred to as two speed IT, or bi-modal IT. The Gartner Group has predicted that by 2017, 75 percent of IT organizations will adopt the bi-modal model.

Although a significant chunk of the IT budget will move to the cloud, traditional IT will still be responsible for providing support services. IT departments will need tools and technologies that provide them with the flexibility needed to make necessary changes and provide the required support, while also accommodating a shrinking support budget. Enabling self-service support, with rapid resolution of each issue, will not only meet the customer expectations, but also save the time and expense involved in escalating issues beyond the first contact.

JIRA Service Desk is the tool needed to give IT the flexibility to deliver end-to-end service management. It’s a fast and agile tool for every organization.

JIRA Service Desk provides a connection between IT, development teams, business teams, and any other teams in an organization, allowing for seamless connections across teams. It places each department on the same level, allowing teams to work together, using the same processes and technologies in the JIRA ecosystem. Teams can easily collaborate in real time and quickly solve issues. JIRA can enable immediate access to updates and provide great value to the businesses that use it.

In addition to being an invaluable tool for IT, JIRA Service Desk has become an essential tool for other activities. For example, Human Resources is the most popular user of JIRA Service Desk, after IT. Other major users of JIRA Service Desk include Finance and Sales.

Don’t just take our word for it — see for yourself at our next stop in the JIRA Service Desk World Tour on March 31, 2016 in McLean, Virginia. At this event, you’ll be able to see first-hand how JIRA Service Desk can help your organization to hit its support targets. In addition to a live demo of JIRA Service Desk, this dinner event will enable you to network with others who are interested in learning more about JIRA Service Desk. You’ll learn about successes that current users of JIRA Service Desk are experiencing, and about how JIRA Service Desk will work in federal agencies.

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This post was originally published on expert.go2group.com by Bharath Venkatesh