Only 65 Days until the 2016 UP-LA Starts!

Welcome, we hope you’ll visit this page to follow the events and course of the Athletes in Action Urban Project — Los Angeles (UP-LA).

Thanks for checking in with the Urban Project — Los Angeles. In the future you may find a video, a story, a poem, or even a combination — the UP-LA has some talented student-athletes! Many of you have coached, cheered for, taught, mentored, and invested in the men and women taking part in this AIA Opportunity. Thank you for entrusting them with your time, resources, and talents. We believe you’ll learn of generations of leaders being developed through the stories shared in this space.

Beginning June 4th, student-athletes from colleges/universities all over the country will use this blog to share stories, updates, short videos, and write about the events of the Urban Project from their various perspectives. We know you’ll enjoy reading about the UP-LA from each of their unique viewpoints. You’ll see the brilliance and leadership of this generation of student-athletes as they serve and experience and engage the communities of need in South Los Angeles. To learn more about the Urban Project — Los Angeles, check out the Urban Project — Los Angeles website.

In addition to teaching these phenomenal students about honoring and upholding the testimony of Jesus Christ in their athletic and personal lives; the UP-LA community will tackle the concepts of culture, race, class, power, poverty, privilege, responsibility, and justice, as well as what the Gospel of Christ has to say about these ever-relevant and important issues.

Again, please bookmark this page, share the stories you read on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media, and visit every day to keep up with the 2016 AIA Urban Project — Los Angeles. Thanks again.

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