The Exponential Impact!

Basketball, Coaches — Guatemala

As I write this Austin has already landed back in the USA. Ed, Brad, and I are here for one more day. Shortly we are off to our “Last Supper” with our Guatemalan Basketball Federation hosts. We expect it to be a time of celebration, inspection, and anticipation of what may be in store for the future.

As you’ve probably guessed from reading our blog posts — the trip was extraordinarily successful. The time connecting with the players and coaches could not have gone better. One hundred Bibles were distributed. Each attendee heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Lives were eternally impacted for Jesus Christ.

The last story we’ll share is this. Over lunch Cristobal, our host and AIA leader here in Guatemala, received a text message. It was from Jose — one of the coaches who attended the conference. Jose requested all the Bible Study materials for teams that Cristobal has produced. Jose wants to start using the Bible Studies with his basketball team he coaches! That is really what this week was all about. The 38 coaches who attended our clinic can have exponential spiritual impact with the players they coach.

We are humbled and privileged to have been called by God to serve the Lord down here!

- Adam for Ed, Brad, and Austin

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