Goal Bonanza Gamification, Acquisition and Retention platform

Goal Bonanza will include a gamification platform, embedded in the core game mechanics, that will incentivize players to perform different actions and tasks, but ultimately to keep on playing.

The gamification platform will tap into the basic desires and needs of the players, and leverage their natural desire for competition, 
achievement, status, recognition and collaboration. Goal Bonanza will increase users engagement by rewarding them when they accomplish the desired tasks.

Rewards such as badges and tokens will be used to elevate status by showcasing their talents, expertise, and accomplishments.

Goal Bonanza Loyalty Platform

As players wager and make predictions, they advance up to Veteran level and unlock different privileges, token bonuses, new account features and new game features.

Players can win tokens, create communities and make friends, can challenge their friends or other players to make a bet on a football game, receive challenges from friends and other players, unlock an advanced notification system and receive alerts when their favorite team is available for betting, when their biggest competitor made a bet, receive notifications on the football games open for betting with the highest pot and much more.

Goal Bonanza Rewards Platform

Advanced status players will be able to follow the best punters, follow their predictions, and veteran level players will be able to participate in special power-play games with a big bounty for the winners.

Players will also be able to unlock the referral program and earn 1 token for every referred player that will reach professional level.

This way we will create a formidable force of Goal Bonanza advocates that will promote the game and drive acquisition of new players.

Goal Bonanza Profile Dashboard

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