Goal Bonanza - The future of football betting has arrived

Goal Bonanza is a self-regulating, blockchain powered football betting platform based on ERC20 token standard. It offers fresh and new football betting experience by combining lottery like crowd betting on 10 possible football game final score outcomes where the crowd drives the potential returns, unlike traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges that offer unattractive odds and low returns. The bigger the crowd the bigger are the potential returns easily reaching six figures. In simple terms, imagine $100,000+ in returns on 1$ bet by successfully predicting the final score of a football game out of 10 possible outcomes. That is Goal Bonanza and much more.

In addition to the unique game mechanics, Goal Bonanza revolutionary concept taps into basic desires and needs of users’ impulses which revolve around the idea of profits, status, achievement, competition and community collaboration. Goal Bonanza applies gamification mechanics to engage and motivate users to play in order to win rewards, badges and points, that are used to elevate their status and privileges, and to showcase their talents, expertise, and accomplishments.

Build on ethereum platform and adopting ethereum as the underlying game currency, Goal Bonanza will significantly contribute to the crypto-community and the ethereum platform by increasing the demand for ethereum cryptocurrency, increase its value, and induce adoption in the global betting marketplace.

Goal Bonanza doesn’t require the use of fiat currency for playing therefore it is outside gambling regulatory bodies and jurisdiction and therefore a non-regulated stateless business. Operations fudging and dividends payouts is performed in convertible ethereum cryptocurrency. In year 3 we expect to reach a total of 6.34m active players and generate earnings of $74.9 million.

Industry challenges Goal Bonanza are solving

Licensing challenges, regulatory repercussions and compliance requirements. Very strict gaming regulations and legislation that significantly varies between countries and governments. Goal Bonanza is a stateless, non-regulated cryptocurrency platform that is not subject to any regulatory or licensing requirements.

Lack of innovation and differentiation as sportsbooks are using the same ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions provided by monopolized and regulations heavy marketplace of gaming providers. Goal Bonanza is brand new gaming concept offering different football betting experience unlike anything else on the market.

Identity verification requires substantial personally identifiable information including form of identification, credit card and bank account details. Goal Bonanza provides the ability to play without any forms of identification. No record of deposits/withdrawals appearing on a monthly
statement ensuring privacy is respected.

Low returns and unattractive odds set by bookmakers that effectively balance their books in a way that allows them to make money irrespective of the result. Goal Bonanza doesn’t set the odds and potential returns but the players do. The bigger the crowd the bigger the returns. No limits. Period.

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