The team behind

Before the beginning of the ICO campaign, Goal Bonanza founder, Veljko Ristic, along with its team of seasoned technology professional planned for the creation of an online betting platform that will disrupt a $3-trillion dollars industry.


Build on ethereum blockchain platform and adopting ethereum as the underlying game currency, Goal Bonanza is a self-regulated platform that respects players’ privacy and doesn’t require any identity verification, submission of forms of identification, credit card or bank account details.

Goal Bonanza Explainer Video

The only parallel between Goal Bonanza and traditional football betting is football. Everything else is different. Goal bonanza is an innovative concept that applies lottery mechanics and football finals game scores guessing to unlock the potential of unlimited returns for players, but requires betting skills and football know-how as well. Unlike traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges that offer unattractive odds and low returns, in the Goal Bonanza lottery, the size of the pot drives the potential returns. The bigger the pot is, the bigger the potential returns are. The bigger the potential returns are, the bigger the incentive to place a bet for a chance to win big returns, potentially reaching more than $1-million dollars with just $1 dollar bet.

In addition to the unique game mechanics, Goal Bonanza taps into basic desires and needs of users’ impulses which revolve around the idea of status, achievement, competition and community collaboration. The gamification mechanics motivate users to engage and play in order to win rewards, badges, and points that are used to elevate their status and privileges, and to showcase their talents, expertise, and accomplishments.


Veljko Ristic — GoalBonanza Founder

Veljko Ristic , a seasoned C-level e-commerce professional with extensive experience in both startups and large corporations from social entertainment, gaming to travel, led to create an internet and technology startup for football fanatics that will bring global sports betting in to a single app. Throughout his career, Ristic consistently delivered double-digit growth year on year, managing 9-figure budgets and large teams of 100+ professionals with different skill sets and backgrounds in a cross-cultural environment.

Jon Santillan — GoalBonanza CTO

Goal Bonanza develops the technology that will enable online sports betting into a global interaction allowing players from across the world to engage in a single match or more. This development brought in by its CTO, Jon Santillan , will merge lottery style betting and sports betting yielding to greater odds of return. Santillan, MD of Searchfuse Marketing Management, Managing Partner of Mountain Partners Philippines, Partner of & Co-founder of Getlaundry, is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record for effectively achieving revenue goals and applying a strong expertise in data-driven, long-term strategies for international brands and products. He currently manages teams specializing in product development & digital marketing.

Working hand in hand with Ristic and Santillan in to the creation and development of Goal Bonanza is its team of advisors.

Jacob Lopez — Chief Advisor

Jacob Lopez, chief advisor, is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Optima group. Optima is a group of companies developing and maintaining Gambling and Bookmaking software worldwide for the commercial online and retail gambling industry since 2012 and winner of “best retail betting product” award at the SBC awards in 2016.

Srdjan Ercegn — Digital Media

Srdjan Ercegn, Digital Media Advisor, is a General Manager & Founder at HUGE Media since 2009. Huge Media llc is a marketing agency from Belgrade. Founded in 2008 it specializes in marketing solutions for digital media such as internet and mobile and as of 2013 is a full service digital agency.

Aleksandar Birovljev — Digital Media

Aleksandar Birovljev, E-commerce advisor, is also a Serial Entpreneur and e-commerce expert at Gampo & Gampo+. He has a 16 years of experience in the field of e-commerce implemented more than 15 e-commerce/e-business projects in Serbia and BiH in the private sector, reaching from e-marketing campaigns to complex multifunctional e-commerce portals.

Ivan Recevic — Data Analytics

Ivan Recevic, data analytics advisor, is a co-founder of Huge Media and a co-owner of Gaia Consulting firm that specializes in MarTech & AdTech strategies and implementations. Building Analytics solutions. Training entrepreneurs and agencies on marketing technologies, and advertising professionals about digital advertising solutions and analytics.

Guarang Manjrekar — Football Media

Guarang Manjrekar, football media advisor, is the young Consultant and Founder of Football Paradise. Gaurang Manjrekar is EY’s Technology Advisory team, He offers consulting services to their financial services clients under Technology, Strategy, Risk, Performance Improvement, and Security. He is also the founder of Football Paradise and co-founder of Liverpool FC 360.

Andrew Rippon — Blockchain Advisor

Andrew Rippon, an advisor to the Smart Dubai Office, an initiative of HH Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum where he lead Blockchain Practice use case development and technology implementation for governments, real estate developers and corporates.

Daryl R. Wallace — Product Architecture

Daryl R. Wallace, product architecture advisor, is a Product Manager at Foster and More and previously worked at Accenture Interactive in Colorado where he built up product vision, roadmaps, backlogs, user journey mapping and capability release planning with distributed teams worldwide implementing lean, kanban and continuous delivery.

Ahmed Elmi — Performance Manager

Ahmed Elmi, online acquisition advisor, is currently Head of Performance Media at Dyson and previously worked at Etihad Airways. A digital marketing/ecommerce practitioner with 8 years’ experience covering client, agency and technology sectors. Accomplished in delivering strategic digital acquisition channels across for multinational brands;

Kamal El Agha — Data Analytics

Kamal El Agha, data analytics advisor, is a Director of data & analytics at Havas Media Group. Kamal is responsible for responsible for the media campaign analytics and optimisation of major advertising clients, including oversight of projects/deadlines, management, delivering proactive analysis, insights and recommendations.

Backed by his experienced team of advisors, Goal Bonanza is promised to revolutionize our take of sports betting.