Justin Kan
Sep 17 · 2 min read

Our real passion at Goat is starting companies. We have spent our whole careers in startups, and survived every part of the startup journey, from four founders crammed in a two bedroom apartment that doubled as our office to billion dollar exits. We know that startups are a very painful but very accelerated learning process.

We are recruiting cofounders to start companies with us as CEO (and other cofounding positions).

What we bring:

  • Presence. We will only build a handful of startups and will put the work in to do with together with you
  • Experience. We have built companies that have product market fit and seen companies that have product market fit. We have a mental model based on years of experience on what to focus on and what to ignore to get to the next level.
  • Money. We seed fund the company so you don’t have to worry about raising money, and help raise future rounds.
  • Connections. We’ve helped companies do everything from navigating regulatory hurdles to convincing a conglomerate to sell a six letter domain name to opening up manufacturing in China. We are confident we can help solve any external problem.
  • Support. Most importantly, we know the brain damage that comes with the accelerated learning of startups. We are your co founders and are there for you, always.

What you bring:

  • Hunger. We are looking for founders who are going to run through walls to drive the company forward. You might not know how to solve every challenge, but you know it is solvable and you are going to goddamn try.
  • Skills. You have experience doing some critical part of the core things that need to get done at the company, i.e. sales, programming, product, design, etc.

What can come from either of us:

  • The Idea. We have lots of ideas we think are very good. You may also.

The deal:

  • There is no fixed deal. Every founding is open to discussion based on the experience of the founders, traction, and idea. Let’s start a conversation.

Get in touch with us and lets start a conversation!

Goat Capital

Building Great Companies with Great Founders

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