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Welcome to the Goat Farm

Like everyone else in Silicon Valley, we are stoked to announce our own new fund: Goat Capital.

Goat Capital is a fund that Robin Chan and I will use to do what we do best: incubate and invest in early stage startups.

We have been early investors in Twitter, Xiaomi, Bird, Uber, Square, Ginkgo Bioworks, Scale.ai, Cruise, Razorpay, Xendit, Equipment Share, Wave, Teachable, Semantic Machines, Rippling, Built Robotics and many other great companies.

We have also started our own startups. Most failed. A few were quite successful. We know what it is like at every part of the founding journey.

We called our fund Goat because we believe the goat is a hardy animal that exemplifies the qualities of good founders.


  1. climb up mountains and skillfully navigate through low valleys
  2. are willing to eat pretty gross things to survive!

We are interested in companies in a few areas, including climate change, digital healthcare, robotics, digital entertainment and gaming, and e-commerce. But we are broadly interested in everything that we think can impact the world and maybe someday make money.

If you want to work with us, we are looking for three things:


Founders who want to work with us on an idea. We have experience finding product market fit and scaling companies. We need hungry people who want to be founders and are willing to work hard. Experience not required.

We have ideas, or you can bring your own idea.

In the best case, this looks like Alto. Matt and Jamie started the company out of my living room in 2015. Now Alto is a 750 person company that has raised $350m in VC funding.

Read more here.

Principal Investor

This is someone who wants to be in venture and learn about investing. You should have basic structured skills in research and financial modeling, paired with an open imagination of what is possible. We will teach you the rest.

This job will be working on both our incubations and investments.

Read more here.


This is someone who has experience as a designer at an early stage startup and can do a bit of everything: UX, visual design, web, mobile, etc. This is the chance to work on many ideas and be part of the startup creation process.

Read more here.

If you want to get in touch with us about any of these positions, please email us.

We started Goat because we love the creation process of starting technology companies and working with founders as coaches and mentors. There is something very intoxicating about being part of a small team that iterates quickly on a crazy dream and through blood, sweat and tears wills it into existence. The most exciting moments I’ve ever had were working on a startup. The most difficult ones too.

If you are a founder reading this, whether our paths cross or not, we are rooting for you.



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