New Listing — Zilliqa (ZIL) listed on Gobaba!

Dear Gobaba community,

We are happy to announce that Zilliqa (ZIL) is added to our growing list of cryptocurrencies!

ZIL trading is open to trading for BTC/ZIL pair. You can deposit TRY or Euro to your Gobaba wallets, and place buy/sell orders via BTC/ZIL pair. For now, ZIL wallets support only withdrawals.

To start trading ZIL on Gobaba you can visit our platform here!

Zilliqa(ZIL) Trivia

Zilliqa is the world’s first high-throughput public blockchain platform designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second. Zilliqa brings the theory of sharding to practice with its novel protocol that increases transaction rates as its network expands.

The platform is tailored towards enabling secure data-driven decentralized apps, designed to meet the scaling requirements of machine learning and financial algorithms. Zilliqa has been under research and development for two years and powered several ground-breaking deployments commercially.

With the goal of making functional programming more standardized and secure, the Zilliqa team has developed a new programming language known as Scilla for intermediate smart contract programming. Scilla helps draw the distinction between functional contracts, supported on Zilliqa, and state-dependent contracts that Zilliqa can’t yet support.

ZIL Market Data (as of writing this post)

  • Trading price: €0.039251 ( ₺ 0.304274 TRY )
  • Global Market Cap: €298,938,815 EUR ( ₺ 2,317,360,908 TRY )
  • Global Trading Volume (24 hrs): €14,777,970 EUR (₺114,558,194 TRY)
  • All time high: €0,20 EUR ( ₺ 1,55 TRY)
  • Circulating Supply: 7,616,026,266 ZIL
  • Total Supply: 12,600,000,000 ZIL

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