Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs Customer Testimonial Videos

When you shop online, would you buy a product from a store that seems so untrustworthy?

I bet no, right? Too much risk.

Online stores keep growing dramatically, after all.

With tons of options out there, online shoppers are more likely to spend more effort to research and explore a store they’ve never interacted with before they decide to make a purchase.

If you’re a marketer yourself, one thing is clear here: you need to make them trust your brand in the first place before you finally engage with them.

And when it comes to customer trust-building, customer testimonials are one of the best ways to help you with that.

So, it should come as no surprise that along with explainer videos, customer testimonial videos are a crucial part of every savvy marketing campaign.

What Are Customer Testimonial Videos?

Simply put, customer testimonial videos are convincing types of videos where you can feature your existing customers to share their positive experiences after using your product.

You don’t need fancy equipment to record testimonials. Even with your smartphone camera, testimonial videos can be created stunningly.

What’s important is how convincing and real the thoughts of your existing customers are (we’ll talk about it with more details later).

In other words, customer testimonial videos are all about authenticity.

You need to prioritize sharing an existing customer’s experience in their words so that you can maximize the impact of it.

The beauty of customer testimonial videos is that it adds an extra element of persuasiveness and personality, which text-based or images testimonial can’t do.

With videos, you have a higher chance to make prospects take action in no time.

Below is an excellent example of a customer testimonial video from FreshBooks:

As you can see, the existing customer, Sarah, here freely talks about her story and how the FreshBooks can make their daily tasks much easier.

It doesn’t seem like she read from the script, so the story seems convincing and persuasive. It gives the viewers a “just try it for yourself” vibe.

One thing you can learn from the example above: the more you can guide them to imagine exactly how your products will serve their individual use case, the better.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Customer Testimonial Video

Do you know that more than 76% of consumers say they trust the reviews they found online?


That is what makes a customer testimonial video crucial than ever before.

Not convinced yet?

Here are five reasons why your business should create at least one customer testimonial video:

#1. It Generates Confidence and Trust

As it is slightly mentioned above, a customer will only purchase products from stores they trust.

So, before you can move them through your sales funnel, you need to make sure that your store itself is trustworthy.

The thing is, they don’t want to hear all the good things from you, as they know that it is biased and lacks some credibility. Instead, they want to hear it from their peers,

In this case, customer testimonial videos can help. This type of video is all designed to inspire trust and confidence by illustrating a real customer’s experience.

#2. It Helps Your Website Ranks Higher on SERPs

Video in general can boost your website rank on search engine result pages, making it easier for your prospective customers to find you.

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The reason is that search engines like Google see videos as unique content so they give them more value.

According to the stat, videos can drive a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERP, helping you to increase the click-through rate.

It means that customer testimonial videos offer you a quick way to boost your brand awareness and build a solid online presence.

#3. It Gives Better Emotional Connection

Customer testimonials video shows the face of your existing customers as well as their genuine emotions and changes in tone — which text-based testimonials can’t afford.

In other words, it helps your brand to look more transparent and sincere as you are featuring a real person and not simply words on a page.

All of it will add a level of authenticity to the video. That way, new customers would be much easier to relate to and build a better emotional relationship with your brand.

With a strong emotional connection, new customers are more likely to engage in and stick around your brand as they get personal, one-on-one experience with your business.

#4. It Humanizes the Brand

One of the biggest challenges most marketers face is to make their brand humane, where your customers always feel comfortable around your brand.

Remember, humans respond to humans. And with a stunning customer testimonial video, you can put a face to your brand.

It helps you humanize your products. When you finally humanize your product, it’d be much easier for your brand to maintain a positive relationship between the company and the consumer.

Your customers can easily trust and engage with your brand as they feel like they are talking to a human.

So, it’s safe to say that a well-crafted customer testimonial video can help you get the response you’re looking for.

#5. Quick and Affordable to Produce

You do not need to spend big bucks just to create an engaging customer testimonial video.

This type of video requires minimal equipment and set-up.

Of course, good lighting or high-quality cameras can capture better pictures, which makes your videos more professional and polished.

But, if you don’t have such equipment, then you’ll be fine.

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: even if you only have a smartphone camera or even a webcam, a customer testimonial video can be produced.

All the viewers care about is the message it delivers; your existing customer experiences.

That has been a quick guide to customer testimonial videos. Now you understand why this type of video is a must-have for your business.

That’s said, you must know that not all customer testimonial videos are created equal.

It’s not simply asking a random satisfied customer, set them up in front of a camera with a script, and upload the raw footage to your website or social media platform.

If you have no clue where to start, you can always rely on professional video production. They know what to do to help you create a genuine, captivating testimonial video.

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