Explainer Videos For E-Commerce Sites: A Quick Guide

Advanced technology like the internet, social media and websites have brought the buying and selling process to the next level.

The e-commerce world carefully replaces the old method of buying and selling through marketplaces.

In e-commerce, people can purchase any products which are facilitated with the internet. People can transact both goods and services here.

Explainer Video for e-Commerce Products

An explainer video is a useful advertisement tool for various products or services. It can be in the form of animate or inanimate.

In this discussion, we will intensely discuss animated explainer videos for e-commerce products.

An animated explainer video for e-commerce products will mostly highlight the products and services offered by the owner.

If you offer your customers only a stock photo of a product instead of the actual product can be a deal-breaker. Your customers want to learn more than the product appearance.

So, You need to show them how to use it, what can the product do for them, what features should they excited for, etc.

Take a look at this product explainer video that Breadnbeyond made for FuelBaby:

The video demonstrates not only a physical product but also the features of a bottle in 3D style animation to give the customers a full hands-on experience.

There are some details that the video must pay attention to while creating an engaging e-commerce product video which we will discuss below.

There are several types to create an engaging e-commerce product video:

  1. The critical point of advertising an e-commerce product is showing the product instead of telling your audience. Don’t worry about not being able to show the details of your product if you choose using an animated explainer video because you put the use of the screencast method in the video. The screencast method enables you to display the real pictures of your products.
  2. To provide an effective and powerful animated explainer video, you certainly have to make the video short and sweet. The quicker the video is, the longer your audience will remember. By using an animated explainer video, you can provide an excellent animation effect along with a more precise storyboard.

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We’ve also written an actionable ways to create a stellar product explainer video for e-commerce site on 4 Effective Methods to Create Product Videos for e-Commerce. Make sure to check it out!

Benefits of Using An Animated Explainer Video for Your E-Commerce

There are benefits that people can get by using an animated explainer video for their advertisement tool.

Let’s geek out!

#1. Increases your sales

In this modern era, everyone puts everything online, starting from photos, a bunch of stories, even second-hand tools. Therefore, using an animated explainer video for your advertisement tool won’t hurt!

Once your video is ready, you can upload it on any online platform. You can upload it on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LINE, Linkedin, and many other platforms.

#2. Boosts your SEO

By providing a video to advertise your sales, you also automatically increase your page rank in online sites.

Using other social media platforms, you can place the link of your websites and pages for your audience’s preference.

Therefore, using video for your advertisement tool can significantly boost your SEO.

#3. Improves your engagement with extensive viewers

Once your video gains a significant number of audiences or viewers at different platforms, your audience’s trust will increase.

Why is that? Because your audience understands that many people have given their trust to your products and services.

By providing your customers video, you also give a chance for your audience to review your product.

#4. Easy to digest content

An animated explainer video is usually short and exciting. The short advertisement video is digestible for all your audience.

An animated explainer video is designed to be easy to understand. Because of this, your audience will remember most of the products, services, and even messages.

#5. It increases your customers’ trust

Once your video reaches a lot of viewers, the audience will believe your product quickly. Because your products and services have reached so many people, they will give you good feedback as well.

Video attracts consumers’ attention way more comfortably than other advertisement tools and platforms.

Trusted Animated Video Explainer Platform for Your Reference

For those of you who love to create videos, some platforms will be helpful. Each of these platforms has different functions and performs differently. You can cherry-pick it based on your e-commerce needs and preferences.

Let’s jump to the discussion of the convenient platform!

#1. Camtasia

This software has complete features to help you design your animated explainer video for your e-commerce website.

The features that you will get from Camtasia are screen and cam recorder, video effects, music and audio, titles, annotations, and callout, and many others.

#2. Magisto

This software offers features to edit and make explainer videos with minimal effort. The software gives various elements like text and titles, music libraries, overlay, and many filters.

Magisto also provides video stabilization, 3D effects, audio equalizer, and advanced text editing. Further, you can freely share your video into standard HD movies, devices, and even TV.

#3. Screenflow

This software helps layers of people to create an exciting video to improve their job growth. From educators, marketers, online training, and even vloggers.

Screenflow offers various useful features for users like powerful video editing tools, high video quality, big stock media libraries, and many more.

The full features offered by Screenflow is suitable to help e-commerce companies to create an eye-catching video.

Benefits Of An Animated Explainer Video for Advertisement

An animated explainer video knows no limitation to advertise products to make an accessible and engaging illustration for clients and audiences worldwide.

There are many benefits of using an animated explainer video for your e-commerce products.

Here are advantages that you will gain from an animated explainer video:

  1. An explainer video displays a straightforward explanation of products and services in a well-structured storyboard. Moreover, an explainer video simplifies the delivery of the messages for the audiences with a quick and understandable script.
  2. An explanation video can freely illustrate complicated product explanations into creative and digestible ideas. People will be interested in visiting your site because the video shows the audience an incredible illustration.
  3. The creative idea of the creators of an animated explainer video makes your services and products memorable for a wider audience. The creators can breakdown complicated advertisement ways.
  4. Last but not least, nowadays, an explainer video is suitable to be placed in any sales funnel. According to Miljana Mitic, social media is such an ideal platform to host your e-commerce product video, and an explainer video is exceptionally shareable. You can upload your product explainer video on any social media platform you want like; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and many other platforms.

What Do You Think About An Explainer Video for E-Commerce Product?

Do you run an e-commerce company right now? If yes, have you used an explainer video for advertising your products and services?

Breadnbeyond can help you to create a compelling video for your e-commerce product!

Let us know your opinion about product explainer videos for the e-commerce industry in the comment section below! 😃

Don’t forget to give us your 👏 !




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