Magento 2 omnichannel : a complete Guide

Almost everyone is aware with omnichannel retails now a days. Even almost every online merchants want to setup an online omnichannel experience as well.

But , merchants thinks that omnichannel is something hard or complex and perhaps they don’t need it. What we have understood the biggest fear for them is complexity also the fear of investing huge amount of money.

Well thanks to open source frameworks like Magento/ Magento 2. Small or medium scale business does not need to invest huge amount of money for complete omnichannel experience. We will discuss more on it.

Do I really need a omnichannel E-commerce setup?

This is by far the most and heavily discussed topic. As we Webkul are the largest supplier of marketplaces and Multichannel connectors in the world. This is quite a normal question for us.

As per our opinion, for sure every online merchants must have a omnichannel setup.

For sure there are some pros and cons of it. We will discuss more on it.

Magento 2 omnichannel E-commerce : Pros

There are many both in terms of traffic and sales. I will try to describe as much as i can-

  • Increase in sales — As you are getting targeted traffic of various channels and marketplaces
  • Increase in traffic — For sure because of that, there are chances of high traffic in your website which can leads to more sales.
  • Branding — Selling on multi-channels and marketplace can also increase the branding of yours products a lot.

Magento 2 omnichannel E-commerce : Cons

Well if you are not having a right omnichannel setup then in that case if you may have following cons as well.

  • Inventory mismatch.
  • Poor product stock sync
  • More resources to manage the content and inventory.

and many more. But those cons can be eliminated by using right tools.

Magento 2 PIM ( Akeneo) Integration

This is something highly required for every Ecommerce store if they really want to go smooth Multichannel integration.

PIM manages everything for you at product management end and using Ecommerce connectors you can sync all of your product information at your ecommerce store and marketplaces also on others system like ERP and Mobile apps

Webkul Akeneo Integration

Find the complete story here —

Magento 2 Amazon Integration

Amazon if by far the most popular marketplace in the world at the moment. Millions of targeted customers are there. Any online merchants can easily setup the integration between amazon and Magento 2.

Source link —

Magento 2 Ebay Integration

Ebay is also one of the best and largest marketplace in the world at the moment. Integration with Ebay and Magento 2 can be super beneficial as well. Source