SEO Writing — Should You Be Concerned About Your Word Count?

What is SEO writing? What skills should an SEO writer have? What is the ideal word count for SEO and should you be mindful of it? Find out the answers for these concerns here.

SEO Writing — An Introduction

Online writers around the globe are familiar with the concept of SEO writing. As a metaphor, if the writer was an arsenal then SEO would be his most powerful weapon. SEO writing is the process of giving visibility to your content so that it is easier to find by search engines such as Google and Bing. Additionally, it also focuses on the readability of your content and its relevance.

The Importance of Writing for SEO

When you are writing content online, your worst nightmare would be knowing that your audience can not find your content or that they do not find it relevant and interesting. This is where SEO writing helps in attracting more people to your content, optimising your content to what the audience wants and boosts conversions.

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Skills Required for SEO Writing

So what are the skills that you need to become a successful SEO writer? Let’s have a look at that.

● You should be able to write grammatically correct content that is also concise and clear.

● Focus on what the audience wants to know rather than what you want to write about.

● You should be able to incorporate SEO keywords in a natural way.

● Your topic should be well researched especially if it’s something you are not familiar with.

● Your tone should be engaging so that it grabs the reader’s attention.

SEO Writing — An Ideal Word Count

In this part we will be covering some key questions that are a source of concern for all SEO writers. These are

● Does longer content also rank better?

● How many words does it take to rank in the first place?

● Is there an optimal length to a post?

The Myth About Longer Content Ranking Better

As SEO writers, we are often told to keep our content long because the search engines will recognize it as more authoritative and rank it higher than short content. In reality, this notion has no factual basis. It mainly serves as a myth that is often discussed on online forums as rumours creating confusion.

This confusion is further fueled by writers misunderstanding popular studies. As an example, Backlinko in April, 2020 published a study on SEO after analysing millions of search results. One of the key findings of the study stated that “The average Google first page result contains 1,447 words”.

In isolation, it would be easy for a writer to assume that 1500 words is the absolute limit that the content should have to rank on the first page. In reality, the study explains the correlation between top ranking pages rather than the causality of 1500 words making your content rank on the first page.

But, What should Be The Ideal Word Count for SEO?

We get it, everyone wants to know the ideal word count for a page that would help them rank to the first page. In reality, there is no ideal limit apart from rumours and misunderstandings. A Lot of factors determine the length of your content. Not all of these are concerned about ranking the page.

The goal of the content should be to engage the human visitor and provide them with the information they are looking for rather than pleasing the search engine bots. The pages that best meet the audience queries are ranked better than others. Thus, answering the reader’s query is more important than fixating on the word count.

The Optimal Length of a Post

In some cases, longer content might rank better than shorter content. However, this is not always a given. Google’s SEO starter guide explains that for a content to rank better, it has to be factually correct and comprehensive.

Comprehensive should not be confused with long. A comprehensive post should completely cover all the aspects of a reader’s query. For some queries that require extensive information, you can opt for a longer post. Conclusively, there is no optimal length that a post should follow.

SEO Writing — FAQs

1. What are the best strategies for SEO writing in 2020?

Following are the things to keep in mind for SEO writing in 2020

● Understanding the keyword intent

● Writing content to the point

● Do not stuff keywords

● Comprehensively answer reader queries

● Optimise your headline

2. Is SEO writing easy?

SEO is difficult at the start but once you get the hang of it and understand Google’s algorithms, it becomes relatively easy. However, SEO does require time and patience. It can take months before your web pages start showing up in the search engine results. This time frame depends on your keyword choices, their accuracy and other marketing efforts such as advertising.

3. Why is content important for SEO?

If you produce quality content, you get to enjoy all the benefits of SEO. These can be as follows.

● If your content is great, your keywords will not feel unnatural

● You can motivate your website visitors to stay longer

● You can positively impact your search rankings

● Great content means more visitors which means higher CTR

● You can generate more backlinks if you have quality content


So should you be concerned about the word count of your page?

Absolutely not.

Your post length should never be dictated by the word count.

It can be long or short as long as it is comprehensive and answers the queries of the reader.

This brings us to the conclusion of our post. If you are a beginner interested in learning about SEO writing then you might find a use for this guide.

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