5 cool things about Nostalrious’ return on Dec. 17

5. A community of wow legacy server enthusiasts

There is no doubt that the hype surrounding the launch of the new Nostalrius-Elysium server is reaching a fever pitch within the vanilla wow community. It is definitely going to be a plus having a mix of new and experienced players running around the world in fresh servers and experiencing content together, a stark contrast to the days of WOD on retail where players usually would gather at capital cities and hardly talked to each other unless they had to during a dungeon or raid. If the stress testing and sheer number of people logging on to Nostalrius is any indication, we are in for some crowded zones and it will be fun to group up to get things done. To put it simply, the Nos-Elysium project launch is putting the mm back in mmorpgs.

4. Fun times during the holidays.

The best thing about a mid December launch date is that the devs. are taking advantage of a time of year where most people have some time off from school, work and other RL responsibilities and can, presumably, dedicate more time to gaming. Personally, I have had tons of fun playing wow and other mmos in the past during holiday weekends and xp weekends or on long weekends and this feels the same. It just feels right that the project is launching at this time and can’t wait until I can log in, play with like-minded folks and do some questing and pvping. Only downside might be lag, but hopefully the stress test results have shown that the server can support the expected number of players at launch and beyond.

3. Legitimizing the desire and need for legacy servers in the game

Yea, just like with the first iteration of Nos, there is always the possibility that Blizzard can shut down the server under copyright infringement if this one gets too big, but the more united and stronger the vanilla wow community gets, the more it forces Blizzard to take a strong look at the need for these types of servers to exist. The cat is more out of the bag now than it’s ever been, and so is the source code. It may or may not come to that, but Nos 2.0 proves that if you build it they will come, and if Blizz neglects to give the players what they want, then they will build it themselves, and hopefully keep on doing so. To borrow a famous corporate catchphrase, “Power to the players”

2. Catching up on lore

One of the strongest assets of a 20+ year old mmo like wow, besides engaging game mechanics, is that it boasts of a great story and lore which has been developed since the game’s original launch in 2004. Personally, I really like the stories behind the mmos I play and one of the things that kept me coming back was the excellent and fun storytelling which dates back to the RTS Warcraft titles like Orcs v. Humans and WC3 The Frozen Throne. There is a poster of the Warcraft movie on my bedroom wall and I have a myriad of novels, comics and other lore to read through. With the exception of maybe Dark Age of Camelot, LOTRO and Warhammer, Warcraft is the mmo with the most expansive and fun lore in my opinion.

1.The return of 40-man raids and classic mobs

I am going to be honest and confess that I was never a big raider during the post-cata days, actually I enjoyed pve and pvp and did my share of leveling, but not advancing past max level because of time constraints was pretty much the fate of most of my alts, but I did catch footage of 40 man raids on youtube and have seen some pretty epic raids. Vanilla wow gives players the opportunity to experience these classic mobs, zones and raids and that is just so damn cool. I purchased the Brady Games official strategy guide and Dungeon companion for classic wow for $1 back in 2014 at a used book store and thought I would never get a chance to use it, that it would become a relic or collector’s item on my book shelf, but now thanks to vanilla, I get to dust it off and experience classic dungeons and raids. There will be fun to be had with pugs and guilds alike. Personally I am pretty stoked about logging in. See you back in Azeroth!

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