The Goblin Tunnels — Resurgence

The atrium fills with thousands of creatures. At the heart is an immense silver throne.

Once it is established that all are in attendance, a silence descends upon the room and the Goblin King enters, slowly striding towards his throne. He stands in front of it and revolves in place to see that everyone is attentive. They wait for his Royal Highness’s Declaration.

Goblin King: Fellow creatures, [his voice echoes] the heat is rising in the humans’ underground cities, and you know what that means. More humans will be seeking refuge from the cold of their winter, providing us with more opportunities.


Some of you will be wondering why we have this…vendetta against the humans. I will explain it to the young so they will fully understand the gravity of the situation and the importance of their participation in our endeavor.

Centuries ago, our world and the humans’ were as they are now, linked by portals, however, there was more nature in both worlds. We have always relied upon them for their resources. You young ones have experienced our world in coldness and cement with the sun and the moon as one and electrical gardens of light, but there was a time, such a glorious time where we would battle the humans and wage wars against each other. And it was fun. Warriors, knights, wizards and witches, dragons, goblins, trolls, thieves. All of us against all of them. Oh, sure there weren’t as many portals, but the few we had were enough and sacred. You all know the ancient tales.

[The Goblin King stands for a moment lost in revelry then returns to his speech in a darker, angrier tone]

Why do you think it changed? How do you think our world came to this.

[He raises his hands in the air indicating the room they are standing in]

The humans decided we didn’t exist anymore, that’s why! And their world, as they say, “progressed”.

[The Goblin King says the word with snake-like venom]

The humans destroyed their nature and replaced it with concrete and metal which also cut off some of our portals like the ones under bridges and in forests. Their nature fed ours. We had to rebuild our world to survive. The humans wonder why things go missing, why their people go missing. It is because we have no choice. They have taken our lifestyle, they have taken our battles to demonstrate our strength, our brilliance, our

[he whispers] mercy.

[He pauses as if trying to remember what mercy was]

The humans took it ALL away and now it is our turn to take from them.

[There is a low talking and agreeing in the audience]

No one believes in us or in magic anymore which makes it easier. No one suspects a thing. So, go my countrymen and go in remembrance of our ancestors, go and invade, go and take! Take with anger! Take with revenge!

[The audience begins to cheer and the Goblin King continues, speaking louder]


The entire hall surges in an uproar with their King’s words sounding in their ears and in their hearts. The room empties with creatures draining into adjoining hallways in order to reach the portals that link their world with ours.

The Goblin Tunnel — Resurgence short story : The Red Wolf

Photographs : Éric Soucy >FI3200/2015

Original Goblin Tunnel Idea : Victor Garibaldi