Brad Nickel
Nov 17, 2018 · 6 min read

The GoByte Project Has Reached It’s 1 Year Anniversary

It is often said that a year in crypto is equal to many years in regular time and the GoByte project has certainly experienced that dynamic.

1 year ago today Hisyam Nasir and Muhamad Nabil took their deep interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain and combined it with their development and technology skills to create a better way to process payments, but it didn’t start with simply a fork of Dash. They spent months researching and planning and testing. The pair forked Litecoin, built a mining pool, and then tested some more and learned some more.

As they grew closer to feeling more confident in their abilities, they learned more about a new type of network built on mining and masternodes and they decided that they would build a currency based on masternodes. So, they shifted gears and began working with the Dash codebase.

At the same time, they were thinking strategically about what they wanted the platform and the currency to accomplish. They wanted something that would be modular, so they could maintain the core system, while plugging in new functionality.

The process wasn’t easy. At every turn of building their network, they encountered obstacles in code and configuration that required them to dive deeper and learn more about how the blockchain functioned and how the pieces worked together.

Finally the day arrived. November 16, 2017 with 5 nodes online in Malaysia, Singapore, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Amsterdam, the team was ready to mine the genesis block for the newly minted GoByte.

The team had grown as well, adding Mathieu Arbez and Antonio Moratti to help with marketing, PR, and social media. Together they created their first Bitcointalk post and the response from the crypto community amazed the team. Users from around the world wanted to be part of this new masternode coin and joined the community.

Together the team worked to build a plan for what was next while they worked to grow the network, the base of miners and their network of masternodes in order to sustain and grow.

The early days required them to build the GoByte website, launch their brand on numerous social networks, crypto and masternode websites, and make the currency available on exchanges around the world all while building a growing network of masternode holders, miners, and our amazing community.

Since then, the team has reached milestone after milestone and they continue to work diligently to fulfill the vision they had when they started to create a crypocurrency and platform to make it easy for merchants and consumers to pay and get paid.

A new listing on HitBTC continued to grow GoByte’s presence in the crypto world. Attending and speaking at conferences helped the team grow a network or partners and masternode holders around the world.

Then in March, the team released their comprehensive white paper that details not only the technology behind the project, but also the plans and strategy for actually getting to market.

On March 30th of this year, the team released the first version of GoByte Pay, which is the first major milestone for getting to the payments market while they work to improve the platform and provide amazing new features to make adoption a reality. GoByte Pay goes beyond any similar product in the market and provides invoicing capabilities, masternode monitoring, and much more.

Since the first version launch there have been numerous enhancements and improvements to the tool and the team looks forward to launching new versions on a regular basis. Enhancements will include integrations with major shopping cart systems, integrations with point of sale systems and new features that will make it easy to take part in the network and accept payments almost anywhere.

In May, the team attended and spoke at the Futurama Blockchain conference in Dubai and networked with major influencers in the crypto space resulting in the iVend deal and integration as well as a number of other potential partnerships for the project.

Just a few months later, the beautifully designed GoByte Pay Mobile version hit the app stores and the community celebrated yet another major milestone. Providing most of the same functionality of the desktop version, GoByte Pay is a big step towards making it easy for anyone to walk into a store and purchase items using crypto.

During the last few months of the project, the team has gone on to create a partnership with iVend who will be installing GoByte on vending machines around the world and we will be working through many more partnerships in the future. Our partnership strategy is focused on adoption by merchants as we work with other payment companies to move GoByte into the mainstreams of accepting crypto for purchases.

The project hit 10,000 community members in Telegram, while still maintaining a strong presence on Discord and continues to grow across all channels.

The community is what makes any project do well and the GoByte core team is extremely proud of the community that has assembled to support the network. Over 2,300 masternodes have been built and the community is active across all of our channels. The members of the community span the globe with strong involvement from countries around the world.

GoByte’s core team has grown and will continue to grow in the coming months. In order to scale the project properly we will be adding new expertise to the team in all facets of business, technology, marketing and payments.

In a few weeks the team will launch governance, so that the community can vote on marketing, development, and other projects to grow the network while also giving them a say in the makeup of the team and the overall direction of the strategy for GoByte. We are excited about what this will do to help grow adoption of the project and true involvement by the community. Be on the lookout for the announcement.

365 days seems like a large number when a project of this scale starts, but once you start, a full year passes in the blink of an eye. The team though, is just getting started. They are determined to realize the vision to make crypto payments easy for merchants and consumers and there are exciting new developments coming soon. We welcome the community’s involvement and look forward to your participation.


GoByte is an ASIC resistant coin using the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm that can be mined using Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).

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    GoByte is an ASIC resistant coin using the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm that can be mined using Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).

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