Bringing you Effortless Crypto Payments

Brad Nickel
Sep 14, 2018 · 6 min read

Making Crypto Payments Easy for Merchants and Consumers

The GoByte Team has been working diligently to build a platform that provides merchants and service providers with an easier and more reliable way to accept cryptocurrency payments. We incorporated user requests into our payment module and are excited to present GoByte Pay Version 1.0.

GoByte’s mission is to make crypto payments easy and inexpensive for merchants and consumers by cutting out middlemen brokers and ambiguous processing fees.

We are developing a simple, powerful and adaptable platform which includes features that small and large businesses require to accept and process cryptocurrency payments.

The release of GoByte Pay V1.0 is a major milestone for the project, but we already have our sights set on improvements for the next version that will make it an even more powerful solution. In order to accomplish that, we are requesting feedback from the GoByte community and the entire crypto community. The feedback we receive will fuel our drive for developing a system that will revolutionize cryptocurrency payments.

A Platform for Businesses, Investors and Shoppers

At GoByte we strive to be more than just ‘another’ blockchain network with a currency. The GoByte Pay system will be a catalyst for the entire cryptocurrency sector by providing a canvas that developers can use to build powerful tools to make conducting business easier in multiple vertical markets.

We are launching the first version today with GoByte (GBX) as the first currency available. We will in the coming weeks release updates the incorporate more currencies and features. Our expectation is that we will launch integrations with Bitcoin and Litecoin and we are gathering feedback on other currencies to add.


A Fluid User Interface — We’ve all had the frustrating experience of having to fumble through a poorly designed crypto wallet and our users will find GoByte Pay to be a better experience than the typical wallet.

At GoByte we believe the fewer clicks that a user has to make to accomplish their goals, the better so we’ve designed the dashboard to provide a comprehensive overview of all wallets so it’s easier to maintain a birds-eye view of wallet balances and spending.

Users can customize and designate multiple wallets for a variety of purposes. For example, wallets can be set for business expenses, revenue from specific projects and for personal use.

Address Book — Most businesses have a roster of repeat customers and GoByte Pay eliminates the need to repeatedly go through the tedious process of copy and pasting wallet addresses by providing our users with an address book that is simple to use.

Simply enter in the contact name, paste in their wallet address, and save now you can use the entry whenever you are sending funds from GoByte Pay.

Synchronization: Synchronization between our Android, iOS and desktop apps will be a part of the release of our mobile apps, so users can monitor their funds and transactions on the fly.

Security — 2018 has been a year filled with security breaches and for this reason security is an area upon which GoByte refuses to cut corners. We utilize 2 Factor Authentication to ensure your data and funds are secure.

Our system successfully underwent extensive 3rd party testing, including External Security Assessments, a full code audit and vulnerability tests for their infrastructure, the application and security code.

In addition, our infrastructure is hosted across multiple geographic locations, in a state of the art data center monitored 24/7 by our own security team and that of our data center partners.

Flexible Invoicing — GoByte Pay 1.0. features a flexible invoicing tool for tracking payments to clients and customers and users can quickly send a link for receiving payments in GBX and in other coins when those are integrated into GoByte Pay in the future.

Accountants, attorneys and small business owners can use the billing module to easily create invoices to bill clients and payments will be directed to pre-designated wallets where recipients can track the transactions.

Collections — You can think of collections as an a la carte way of allowing potential customers and clients to configure an order to their specific requirements. Merchants essentially devise a ‘menu’ where products and / or services are organized by categories of quantity, time, location, or whatever descriptor best describes the price to quantity ratio. Merchants can set an hourly rate for a specific service, a price per item for products and much more.

You can think of collections as an easy way to sell products and services to others in exchange for cryptocurrency. While simple to setup, it allows you to create complex methods of selling things based on quantities, time, etc. You can set up an hourly rate for a specific service, a price per item for products, and much more. The only limit is your imagination. We’ll be adding new features in upcoming releases that will make GoByte Pay an even more powerful and useful tool for any business that wants to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

Investing & Masternode Monitoring — GoByte Pay 1.0. also includes features for cryptocurrency investors and our masternode operators. The Price Watch module allows users to monitor the price of GBX in real time and we are in the process of a adding a range of other cryptocurrencies so that investors can track coins across their portfolio. Our interface also includes built-in masternood monitoring and alerts so operators can keep an eye on their nodes and stay abreast of any issues impacting their status on the network.

Looking Forward

Our team is excited to have reached this important milestone, and we are even more excited to hear feedback from our users about GoByte Pay 1.0. This launch is just a sliver of what GoByte aspires to achieve and future versions will provide you with more customizable features that no other cryptocurrency wallet provides.

You are part of an amazing monetary revolution and we are determined to make GoByte an integral part of this revolution. We appreciate your support and would love for you to spread the word via social media and to your friends.

Go ahead and have a go at testing GoByte Pay 1.0. and feel free to provide us with feedback about which features are most useful and what you would like to see changed or improved.

Thank You!


The GoByte Team


GoByte is an ASIC resistant coin using the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm that can be mined using Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).

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Advising #cryptocurrency & tech startups. Product Strategist - #crypto / #blockchain. Lives in beautiful / multi-cultural Miami, FL.


GoByte is an ASIC resistant coin using the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm that can be mined using Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).

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