GoByte makes the leap into Defi with wrapped GBX on Binance Smart Chain

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2 min readSep 5, 2021


GoByte team are excited to announce another major step forward for the project, wrapped GBX (wGBX).

wGBX is available on Binance Smart Chain with a two-way bridge available to wrap and unwrap between GBX on GoByte mainnet and wGBX on BSC.

GoByte project have partnered with wrapping.services team to provide, wGBX and a bridge between GBX - wGBX.

wGBX has been added to Yield Field dex and is available immediately with wGBX / BUSD pair for trading and Liquidity Providers.

As if that wasn’t enough, wGBX has also been added to yieldfields.finance Yield Farm so that Liquidity Providers can earn extra yield by farming!

This marks the first step for GoByte project into the expansive world of defi. More steps will be coming for wGBX.

Guides for wGBX can be found at the following links:

# How to wrap/unwrap wGBX - [link]

# How to become a Liquidity Provider for wGBX - [link]

# How to yield farm wGBX - [link]

Risk management - please be aware that wrapping.services is a centralized service and should be treated in a similar manner to a centralized exchange.
The wrapping services team are experts and have been awesome to work with. They have implemented successful wrapped tokens for many crypto projects already.
However as with any service please research and understand the risks of wrapped token service providers before using.

GoByte team would like to thank wrapping services team and the entire GoByte community for the combined efforts to make wGBX a reality.
Enjoy wGBX on defi.
We look forward to bringing future updates to this and all aspects of GoByte project!

Buckle up folks, wagmi…



GoByte Network

GoByte is an ASIC resistant coin using the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm that can be mined using Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).