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Tech @ GoCardless

Deploying Software at GoCardless: Open-Sourcing our “Getting Started” Tutorial

Utopia: Tutorials: Getting Started (click here!)
  • Kubernetes, the compute platform
  • Jsonnet with Ksonnet libraries for templating Kubernetes manifests
  • Utopia Jsonnet library, to encourage consistent deployment patterns
  • The utopia binary, providing commands to operate services
  • Tight integration with our service registry
  • Config Connector, to provision GCP resources through Kubernetes
  • Tekton, for deployment pipelines
  • ArgoCD, for application deployment
  • We migrated our entire infrastructure estate from SoftLayer (bare metal machines, rented) into Google Cloud Platform
  • Our technical challenges have grown with our 10x in payment volumnes
  • We went from 20 full-time engineers to >100, and counting!



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