GoCater — the catering platform dedicated to businesses

Stephen Leguillon
Dec 12, 2016 · 3 min read

Today, we are announcing the launch of GoCater, a new catering platform dedicated to corporate clients. This marks the move of “La Belle Assiette for Business” into its own autonomous brand.

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In a few words…

In 2016, La Belle Assiette launched La Belle Assiette for Business, a marketplace dedicated to booking corporate catering services. Given the success — over 450 companies booking with us and a growing community of caterers — we decided to separate the two businesses and create a new brand dedicated to catering for corporate clients: GoCater.

Therefore, “La Belle Assiette” is focusing on its core business; booking chefs for private dining experiences at home, whilst “GoCater” builds a platform for catering services at work. Both brands will be run by the same team, maintaining the professionalism and service you know and trust.

The entire team at La Belle Assiette and I are extremely pleased to announce the launch of GoCater, our new platform for businesses to book catering services. As a result of our success on the B2B market in 2016 (more information here), GoCater continues the success of “La Belle Assiette for Business”. We decided to separate out this activity so it could thrive under its own brand.

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Creating a new service

Since June we have partnered with many new caterers such as Chilam Traiteur, Updeli or Repas de Bureau, working under “La Belle Assiette for Business”. Our platform allows local caterers to sell their products on a central marketplace. In a few clicks, companies can find the best local caterers and book buffets, lunch boxes, canapé trays, sandwiches, salads, breakfasts and snacks. We are creating the best platform to book corporate catering delivery services from the finest local caterers.

In addition, GoCater also offers business tools such as centralised invoicing, multiple employee authorisation and a dedicated account manager per Corporate Account.

Success that deserves its own brand

The first few months of activity confirmed the needs of corporate clients. Traditionally, the user experience for booking catering services is laborious; multiple searches, phone calls, various prices. Our platform massively reduces the time taken to make a booking by offering clear options for comparison and reviews left by previous clients. UBS, L’Oréal or Trainline are just a few of the 450+ companies who already book with us.

This rapid success cemented the choice of the spin-off. The opportunities that this presents are huge and therefore needs a separate brand - GoCater -the catering platform for corporate clients. The service is already available in France and Germany.

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This is the very beginning of a new exciting adventure for the La Belle Assiette team! That’s all for now but we’ll be sharing more exciting updates soon. If you’ve got questions or comments about this new announcement we’d love to hear from you. :)



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