GoCater will shut down in France

Stephen Leguillon
May 22 · 2 min read

We are sad to share that GoCater has closed its business in France.

Customers, catering partners and employees love GoCater. We were growing fast, and then coronavirus hit. GoCater feeds business, but in-person business is not happening at all right now!

GoCater is an international branch of ezCater, the U.S. leading online marketplace for business catering. The coronavirus challenged our business worldwide. While ezCater maintains our global ambitions, we must focus on our core U.S. catering business right now, so we have decided to shut down GoCater and the Paris office for the present.

GoCater has built more than a website. Sure, without the 400 000+ lines of code created by our engineers we wouldn’t even operate. But thanks to this technology, GoCater has become an extraordinary community:

  • 83 GoCater team members speaking 13 languages contributed to this success. Exceptionally talented people carefully selected within 6 000+ job applications we received since launching in December 2016
  • 2 200 partner caterers and restaurants throughout France. Several made the winning bet of joining our marketplace on Day 1 and the partnership just kept growing. The final record hit 2 849 orders in 2 years for a single store, well done!
  • Tens of thousands of customers, within 2,800 companies, who have ordered enough to feed more than a million business professionals! The smallest order was 17€, the largest 32 780€. We shared over 300 000 phone calls, 40 000 live chats and 1 000 000 emails with you, not once trying to minimize the time required helping you

We are incredibly proud of the value GoCater created for the catering industry — just read the reviews on TrustPilot! The coronavirus changed the path for GoCater, but not our culture. We will shut down in France in a responsible and professional manner, aligned “Aim higher” value.

Dear GoCatees, Partners and Customers, thank-you for your loyalty and trust. Strong relationships have been created in our community, they will last. Our business closes in France, but the international ambition of our company remains.

Stephen and the whole GoCater team

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The GoCater team in 2019, a typical day at the office


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