Command Line Crypto Wallet —How to Send Your Crypto from your CLI

Ever been SSH’d into your VPS and wanted to send some crypto transactions? Of course you have! 😃 I’ll show you how.

Here’s a quick video showing it in action:

First install the web3 CLI tool:

curl -LSs | sh

Now set the network you want to use, for example ethereum or gochain (more here):

export WEB3_NETWORK=gochain

Set your PRIVATE_KEY in the environment too, one that has some tokens in it (if you don’t have one, create a new one with web3 account create then send some tokens to the account).

export WEB3_PRIVATE_KEY=0xABC123

Check your balance:

web3 balance

Send native tokens, ie: ETH or GO depending on the network:

web3 transfer 10 to 0xDEF456

Send ERC20/GO20 tokens:

Set the contract address for the token:

export WEB3_ADDRESS=0x37C93A80b5702A820CbC3050f0e9eC48a1D5e738

Now you can check your balance and transfer tokens:

web3 balance --erc20 
web3 transfer --erc20 0.1 to 0xDEF456

Learn More about web3

The web3 CLI is a great tool for sending your crypto as you’ve just seen, and it’s a great tool for developing and deploying smart contracts too. Learn more here: