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Conservation International Joins GoChain Network as a Blockchain Signing Node — GoChain

“As conservationists it’s important we look to the future and embrace the role technology can play when it comes to solving some of our toughest challenges. We look forward to being part of the GoChain network and exploring how blockchain solutions can be a positive force in achieving conservation. For instance, blockchain could be used to help consumers know whether the products they are buying are sustainable or not, by tracking commodities from source to shelf.”

Hank Cauley, Senior Vice President of the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, Conservation International

“A core tenet of GoChain’s mission is to develop technology for impact and the betterment of society. Our top priorities include helping enterprises and governments to drive efficiencies, realize green and responsible supply chains, develop innovative sustainability solutions and to harness technology for the greater good. Accordingly, we are thrilled to welcome Conservation International as a new partner and node signer for the GoChain network. Conservation International ranks among the finest, most reputable organizations in the world and we look forward to working closely with them on timely environmental conservation initiatives globally.”

Henry Ines, COO, GoChain

GoChain’s Proof of Reputation blockchain network

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