EventChain Enlists GoChain for High Performance Blockchain Technology

Digital ticketing processes will now be capable of high-throughput transactions on GoChain’s trusted blockchain.

Jan 17, 2019 · 2 min read

VANCOUVER , B.C.— 17 January 2019 — EventChain, the world’s leading blockchain ticketing platform has enlisted GoChain for their fast, secure and environmentally sustainable blockchain platform.

The upgrade from Ethereum to GoChain will see a 100x faster speed and performance for transactional ticket sales. With the consideration of energy consumption used to run transactions on the Ethereum network, switching to a greener network like GoChain, also resonates with EventChain’s sustainability values. It makes little sense for end users benefiting from blockchain technology to bear the cost of an unpermissioned, untrusted public blockchain protocol that have yet to scale.

GoChain has already achieved scale, high performance, and low cost while remaining decentralized via accountable public enterprise custodians who stake their enterprise reputation. In May of 2018, GoChain launched their public network and has since gained tremendous traction, with little more than 6 months on the market. GoChain is among first-rate projects in terms of public smart contract protocols with live, functioning smart contracts and dApps for small business, enterprise and even indie developers.

“EventChain is pioneering one of the best blockchain use cases with digital ticketing. It will dramatically improve trust and ease of ticket transferability among other improvements. I also love that their technology is production ready. We welcome EventChain to GoChain’s trusted blockchain ecosystem.”

— Jason Dekker, GoChain CEO

“EventChain continues to seek out leading synergistic technologies that will enhance and support the growth of our service. GoChain offers 100x the performance of Ethereum, which will be important in supporting the high number of transactions experienced during popular ticket on-sales.”

— Ashton Addison, Founder of EventChain

Blockchain based event ticketing is now available online at www.EventChain.io

Media Contact Information:
Amanda Webster
Communications Manager

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