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GoBuild Virtual Hackathon 2018

We’re inviting people from around the world to participate in the GoChain Virtual Hackathon 2018 to show us how they would solve various challenges and build innovative solutions. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their product and compete among top teams for over $50,000 in prizes including a 1st place prize worth over $40,000 for the top hack team.

“Since GoChain is 100% Ethereum backwards-compatible, 95% of blockchain developers in the ecosystem are also qualified GoChain developers.”

Unlike traditional weekend hackathons, this will be a one week virtual event, which will allow anyone in the world to participate. We are encouraging individuals to come together and build on GoChain. New hackers welcome! If this is your first event don’t worry! We will have support 24/7 as well as mentors to help you along the way. If you do not have an existing idea or team you will have the opportunity to meet other hackers and build your own top team! All eligible submissions will be presented to our panel of judges as well as the GoChain community, who will get the chance to be involved and vote on the “Community Choice Award”.

“GoChain came from my poor user experience working with top protocols — plagued with high latency, fees, lack of adoption, and with no support for projects that build on their platforms. As a GoLang developer, I set out to architect a scalable solution built on the world’s most tested and proven smart contract blockchain protocol codebase — Geth.

Since GoChain is 100% Ethereum backwards-compatible, 95% of blockchain developers in the ecosystem are also qualified GoChain developers and now have the opportunity to participate in a hackathon and build on the world’s only full-service, enterprise grade, public blockchain protocol. ”

— Travis Reeder, GoChain CTO

GoBuild has allotted $20,000 in $GO and over $30,000 more in sponsorship contributions to be rewarded to the top teams. There will be a 1st and 2nd place prize and two sub category awards “Community Choice ” and “Go Green”. Our sponsors will also have the opportunity to decide on their favorites and award a company prize. With plenty up for grabs you don’t want to miss out! *Full list of prizes and sponsorship contributions will be included in a welcome email that will be sent out after application is submitted.

Want to learn more? Sign up and start hacking!

GoBuild registration kicks off November 7th 2018. To register please fill out this form and you will receive a welcome email with all the details on what to expect and the resources you need to be ready go on the day of the start of the event.

Details of the Hackathon, judging criteria, and resources will be made available on the day of the start of the event to ensure a level playing field for all participating! Discord will be used as the hub so please make sure you are registered. You will receive all channel and mentor information in an email the day before the event. In the mean time we’d love the opportunity to engage with you and get to know you better! Learn more about GoChain and get involved with the community through our social channels on Twitter Telegram and Discord.

Traditionally a hackathon is an event where participants from a variety of backgrounds team up to “hack” together creative solutions and program unique applications. This is a creative event where teams are able to show off the projects they built and compete for prizes. When being hosted at a physical location they usually last one or two days, where as virtual Hackathons can range in the time allotted.



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