GoChain is Off to the Races!

Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger

We created a proof of concept, we wrote our whitepaper, we figured out the legal structure, we’ve got a great team with decades of experience building highly scalable, distributed systems, and now we’re ready to get the ball rolling.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to fix some of the fundamental issues that plague existing cryptocurrencies, namely speed/volume of transactions, decentralization and energy consumption. All of these things are symptoms of a single thing: the Proof of Work consensus algorithm. While it served its purpose surprisingly well, it’s time for a change. We won’t get into details right now about why that is, but you can read the whitepaper for a detailed explanation and we’ll be doing follow up posts on here that will go into detail.

Our initial goals are to hit the following measurable improvements over Ethereum (and Bitcoin, but since Ethereum is already slightly better than Bitcoin in all of these areas, we’re using Ethereum as the benchmark).

  1. 10x more decentralized
  2. 100x more transactions per second
  3. 1000x less energy used to run the network

Token Sale

Our token sale will begin in February so be sure to register early as it is first come, first serve. Link to register is on our website.


  • Proof of Concept: COMPLETE
  • Build testnet: in progress
  • Beta phase of the public chain: 1 month after hitting soft cap

We’ll share a lot more information on what we’re working on as things progress, but that is the short term timeline, which you can see is very rapid.

Get Involved and Feedback

We’d love to hear from you, good, bad or otherwise. We’re available on Telegram here.

Join us to help build the best blockchain project out there!