GoChain Partners with Blockdaemon, Offering Deployable Nodes in Three Clicks

What if we told you that anyone could spin up a public node on GoChain, with just three clicks? This is now a reality with GoChain’s latest partner Blockdaemon, the foremost multi-cloud platform tool allowing you to easily deploy full nodes to support public chains and help secure their networks.

About Blockdaemon

Blockdaemon’s mission is to empower businesses to quickly deploy and iterate innovative blockchain applications. The onramp to blockchains with existing cloud formation tooling is steep and requires intimate understanding of each protocol’s particular language. Blockdaemon’s approach aims to reduce the complexity of working with blockchains with standard containerized deployments. Enable quick and easy configuration, standard monitoring for high availability and quality of service, and they regularly update and deploy crucial security and protocol updates.

Blockchain technology has made massive advances recently. However, tooling to handle real-world use cases has not kept pace. Managing infrastructure yourself is expensive and slow, and slows your project’s velocity. This is where Blockdaemon comes in. They allow you to orchestrate complex networks across multiple clouds and datacenters without costly and time-consuming overhead. Deploy testnets and mainnets and ensure maximum decentralization while connecting existing data reservoirs via API.

“GoChain is an exemplary protocol to add richness to our public blockchain protocol offerings. By accelerating deployment of DApps and smart contracts and offering fully backwards-compatibility with Ethereum, GoChain decreases energy consumption, maintains decentralization, and ensures geographical distribution to continue to push the needle forward. We are fortunate to work so closely with such a talented and experienced team in this space.”
— Konstantin Richter, CEO & Co-founder of Blockdaemon

How to Deploy a GoChain Node

Rather than walk you thru the steps on how to deploy a node with Blockdaemon, please check out their detailed support article here, which will be updated over time as new features and options become available!

“Blockdaemon makes it easy to deploy a public node in just three clicks. They’re the foremost multi-cloud platform solution that supports the leading blockchain protocols. Offerings like Blockdaemon’s truly drive adoption by providing an easy way to support public chains and help secure networks. We look forward to our partnership into the far future!”
— Jason Dekker, GoChain CEO

Check out Blockdaemon’s press release here!