GoChain Partners with ECOMI, Bringing Licensed and Brand-Name Digital Collectibles to the Blockchain

GoChain is proud to present ECOMI as it’s latest strategic ICO partner. ECOMI is a digital collectibles ecosystem that offers non-fungible digital collectibles from global premium brands. Currently, they have 15 international licensing agreements in place with many more to come.

Collectibles have existed throughout human history and today they come in many forms, such as trading cards, figurines, comics and toys. Digital collectibles have shown extreme promise to-date and are on track to serve the next generation of collect-o-mania.

ECOMI Overview

ECOMI’s mission is to create the world’s best platform to purchase, trade and collect premium licensed digital collectibles. With user friendly products and applications, ECOMI delivers the freedom to secure and control your digital assets, data, and cryptocurrencies from one user-friendly interface. They are bringing two products to market:

ECOMI Collect— The MVP of the ECOMI ecosystem, a platform to bring licensed and recognisable digital collectibles to the mainstream.

ECOMI Secure Wallet — At the size and thickness of a credit card, this true cold storage wallet is never wired to an online device, and can store private keys for 20+ currencies, NFT’s and DApps.

ECOMI Brings World-Class Licensing Expertise

You may not know him, but Alfred R. Kahn has had an enormous influence on many people’s lives, and is a leading team member for ECOMI.

Alfred R. Kahn, a well-known licensing executive

As a licensing executive, Kahn has spent more than 30 years distributing and promoting iconic brands, such as Cabbage Patch Kids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Yu-Gi-Oh! He is also credited for the marketing and licensing programs for other iconic brands like Mario Bros., Zelda, Donkey Kong, James Bond, WWF, Polly Pocket and more.

The true highlight of Kahn’s career is that he is responsible for bringing Pokemon to the world. Kahn is the one who persuaded the company behind the “Pocket Monsters” card and Game Boy games to bring the franchise out of Japan and introduce it to the world, renamed as ‘Pokemon’. With his vast experience in licensing and collectible brands, Kahn brings a very high caliber of expertise to ECOMI. Kahn’s role in ECOMI will see him covering areas such as licensing and acquisition, marketing and execution. Alfred’s company Cranekhan will lead the “go to market” strategy for ECOMI.

Why GoChain?

The ECOMI team was impressed to see GoChain’s market traction, superior technology, immediacy of scalability, and experienced team that we bring to the protocol space. Being 100% Ethereum compatible, all current products and contracts are able to be deployed on GoChain with zero code changes. ECOMI is able to deploy their token in the form of a GO-20 on the GoChain MainNet, as well as GO-721 NFT tokens for an immediate 100x in speed and performance, for 7500x cheaper, and be at least 1000x greener!

With the help of our strategic partner MB Technolgy, our business development team and advisors reached out to ECOMI — it was clear to their team that GoChain is building the world’s only full-service, enterprise grade public blockchain protocol. Other blockchain protocols in ECOMI’s consideration were plagued with high latency, high fees, lack of true adoption, and had sacrificed scale for the unfulfilled promise of true decentralization with little to no support for projects that build on their platforms. GoChain’s business development team and client success team was an attractive feature for a such a visionary project. The GoChain team can’t wait to work closely with ECOMI on technical, business, product, marketing, public relations, personnel and other areas of support!

“We are very excited and pleased to be partnering with GoChain. They have an incredibly strong and talented team who have built amazing technology that will allow projects like ours to reach fruition. ECOMI Collect is focused on the mass market and as such it is imperative the underlying technology is fast, supports a high volume of transactions, is live and currently operational. This is what GoChain provides. We look forward to bringing a mass market, blockchain-based app to the world together with the GoChain team”.
Dan Crothers, ECOMI Co-Founder & COO
GoChain’s Dir. of Marketing & Community, Adam Norris and Social Media Advisor, Marie Gonzalez with ECOMI Secure Wallets! (they’re rad)

If you’d like to know more about ECOMI, we encourage you to review their extremely impressive pitch deck here: https://goo.gl/zvKzEm

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More info at https://www.ecomi.com