GoChain Partners with Paperstreet to Simplify Capital Raising for Companies Building on $GO

Companies building on $GO and raising capital via token offerings may now access the global GoChain investment community in a single platform!

Dec 18, 2018 · 3 min read
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The GoChain team is excited to announce today our strategic partnership with Paperstreet, a crowdfunding platform that connects investors with access to diverse STO, equity, debt and utility token offerings. Paperstreet will offer a compliance infrastructure for projects launching on $GO to conduct capital raising including KYC/AML, accredited investor verification, investor document signing and processing, and deposit of funds.

“Our partnership with Paperstreet allows us to address one of the biggest pain points of projects: raising capital. Paperstreet will serve as a hub for investors supporting projects launching on $GO, allowing them to KYC/AML one time and have access to all of the offerings.”

— Jason Dekker, CEO GoChain

Paperstreet presented a few unique advantages that ultimately led GoChain to consider them:

  1. They are the only platform that offers issuers the whitelabeled infrastructure to run their offering directly from their website at no additional cost. When preparing for a raise, projects are forced to spend weeks and thousands of dollars building their own tools to collect investor information, conduct KYC/AML + accredited investor verification, document signing, and collecting funds. Paperstreet’s team can set up an offering in as little as two hours.
  2. Compliance is on the front page of the news, and Paperstreet is establishing itself as a leader. At no cost to investors, Paperstreet will ensure compliance of the offering with US Regulations D (Rule 506b & 506c), S, and A+ as well as regulations within Canada, Australia, the EU, Singapore, and more than 50 other countries.
  3. This has been a difficult market on startups and Paperstreet’s team understands that. They have established a pricing model that aligns their incentives with those of the project and investors by eliminating up-front listing fees.
  4. Finally, investors and projects in the space have matured in 2018. Pure utility tokens are under increasing scrutiny and many of GoChain’s projects are pursuing equity offerings or STOs instead. Early projects are seeking traditional pre-seed funding while more advanced projects are raising Series A. Paperstreet is designed to support our companies throughout their lifetime, whether it be a Seed, Series A/B/C or even bridge offering.
Paperstreet Whitelabel Demo

“GoChain is an ideal partner for Paperstreet. They understand our long term vision and how we can help their ecosystem grow. By congregating their investment community into a single platform that provides the compliance and security investors desire, we can grow both of our communities and help ensure all future projects launching on GoChain maximize their success on their own merits.”

— Matt deCourcelle, Paperstreet CEO

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A small ECOMI presale allotment was offered by Paperstreet (now sold out)

Paperstreet’s first official listing of a project building on GoChain was ECOMI, the creators of the ECOMI Secure Wallet and the highly anticipated ECOMI Collect marketplace.

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Learn more about Paperstreet and start your own investor account at paperstreet.vc. Follow Paperstreet on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Join the Paperstreet community on Telegram to be the first to hear about news and announcements.


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