GoChain up for Vote as Binance Community Coin of the Month!

GoChain is extremely excited to share that we’ve been selected for voting in the next Binance Community Coin of the Month!

Vote for GoChain NOW: https://www.binance.com/vote.html

Voting Rules:

Voting time: Voting Period: 2018/08/27 10:00 AM (UTC) to 2018/08/31 10:00 AM (UTC).

  • Only users with total trading volume of at least 0.01 BTC in their past 30 day trading history will be eligible to participate in the vote.
  • Only accounts that were registered before 2018–08–21 17:00:00 UTC will be eligible to participate in the vote.
  • One vote per user, with a fee of 0.1 BNB per vote (the multiplier has been removed)

Per Binance, please note:

  • At the end of the voting period, the votes garnered by each candidate will be subject to a final review. As always, Binance reserves the right to adjust the weightings of each vote.
  • Upon completion of the voting process, Binance will list the coin on our exchange within a reasonable time frame. Depending on market response, we will attempt to conduct this event monthly.
  • Binance reserves all rights to change the rules of this event without notification, including the revoking of results or disqualifying candidates who are confirmed to have engaged in vote manipulation. This includes but is not limited to any form of financial or monetary incentives, airdrops or competition rewards offered that will influence user votes. The weight of each vote may also vary based on a variety of factors including but not limited to the level of historical activity of the account used to vote.

GoChainers, it’s now our chance to show the crypto world our beloved project, community and team. We’ve been persistent in applying and we’re thrilled that Binance has given us a nod of recognition. Now get out there and VOTE!

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