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Infinite Sum Selects GoChain’s GoTrace Blockchain-Based Software For Global Client Base — GoChain

Infinite Sum will utilize GoChain’s GoTrace SaaS suite to provide partner companies with secure chain of custody, product authentication, and track and trace capabilities

RENO, USA — October 9, 2020 — GoChain and Infinite Sum, a global consulting services provider, are proud to announce that Infinite Sum has selected GoChain’s GoTrace SaaS solution to bring blockchain technology and business solutions to their global supply base.

The GoTrace software will accelerate Infinite Sum’s path to deliver immediate and long-term solutions in the area of distributed ledger technology by providing secure chain of custody, product authentication, and track and trace solutions. Over the past year, Infinite Sum researched competitive distributed ledger technology including Hyperledger prior to selecting the GoChain blockchain and GoTrace Transparent Asset Tracking software.

“As a global consulting services provider, Infinite Sum recognizes the benefits of GoChain’s blockchain software solutions to their extensive global supply base. GoChain’s GoTrace software will extend Infinite Sum’s technology and business capabilities to provide secure chain of custody, product authentication, and track and trace capabilities to our global supply base, yielding a competitive edge to our partner companies in ever changing, complex global markets.
- Evan Harter, Partner, Infinite Sum Inc.

Since 1993, Infinite Sum has been retained as consultants and trusted partners by clients ranging from Fortune 500 organizations, to smaller firms with revenue of less than $100m. With offices in the United States, United Kingdom, China, India, Vietnam and Thailand, Infinite Sum helps their partners (1) develop better profits, not just through global sourcing but through broader cost cutting initiatives; and (2) develop sales and market entry into the same markets that were once just seen as a low-cost supply options.

“Following the successful launch of GoTrace, we are pleased to welcome Infinite Sum to GoChain’s growing ecosystem of strategic tagging and channel partners. With nearly three decades of sourcing, development and operations advisory experiences, Evan and the team at Infinite Sum represent among the best and most experienced management consultants and supply chain experts globally. Infinite Sum’s domain expertise, international reach and advisory services uniquely complement GoChain and our efforts to provide customers with unparalleled digital and enterprise-grade blockchain technology products and solutions.”
- Henry Ines, CEO, GoChain

About Infinite Sum

With offices in the United States, United Kingdom, China, India, Vietnam and Thailand, Infinite Sum is a global management consulting firm made up of experienced business executives and consultants that deliver immediate and long-term solutions and real profit to our clients. Since 1993, we have been retained as consultants and trusted partners to many clients ranging from fortune 500s to some with revenues of less than $100m.

Combining deep industry knowledge with specialised expertise in global sourcing, operations consulting and international market development and sales solutions we advise our clients on their most critical issues and opportunities relating to their global initiatives.We provide this advice and support across numerous industries and geographies, with particular emphasis on emerging markets.

About GoTrace

GoTrace is a turnkey blockchain-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) track and trace platform. Through intuitive web- and mobile -based applications, users can map out supply chains to track and trace products and record chain-of-custody and other transactional related metadata on GoChain’s public distributed ledger (blockchain). Every event, whether a geolocation ping or a transfer from one stakeholder to another, is recorded cryptographically as a transaction and able to be easily audited on GoChain’s immutable public blockchain.

GoTrace also provides customers with analytics, machine learning, reporting and timely alert functionalities. A curated list of tagging and sensor solution partners is also offered on the GoTrace platform to accommodate customers and support the track and trace of a broad range of products globally. Products that are blockchain authenticated and end-to-end traced via GoTrace will be designated as GO Transparency

About GoChain

GoChain was founded in 2017 with the mission to drive the adoption of blockchain technology for the betterment of society and our habitat. GoChain partners with companies in all industries to quickly launch and manage their own scalable, low-cost blockchain solutions, run distributed applications and to deploy smart contracts.

Additionally, GoChain developed its own Ethereum-compatible distributed ledger which, at 1,300 transactions per second, is the fastest, most sustainable, web3 based public and private blockchain protocol. GoChain’s Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm relies on a decentralized consortium of Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and nonprofits including Lenovo, DISH Network, and Conservation International to validate transactions

GoChain also supports its designated public cryptocurrency, which has the ticker symbol GO. For more information, visit gochain.io or follow GoChain on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.



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