KuCoin is Officially a Signing Node on the GoChain Network

The GoChain team is pleased to announce that KuCoin, a world-class blockchain asset exchange, is now hosting a node on the GoChain network. GoChain pioneered Proof of Reputation consensus where the network is run by companies with great reputations and strong brands and we’re extremely excited to add the highly respected KuCoin to our network.

KuCoin launched in 2017 and has proven themselves to be one of the best exchanges on the market. They have built a state of the art asset transaction platform with exceptional, 24/7 service and support. KuCoin saw the value of GoChain’s Proof of Reputation model, and is excited to be one of the early nodes in the network!

GoChain aims to achieve around 50 globally distributed nodes hosted by large companies, with good brands and good values, including respected and trustworthy entities in the crypto space is an important step in building our network ecosystem. While we may not announce every node that joins, we will highlight some of the big players as they begin to join our trusted, enterprise-focused blockchain network!

You can see all the nodes on our network statistics page at stats.gochain.io.

More info at https://gochain.io
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