Solaster Health, GoChain’s first ICO

Jul 9, 2018 · 3 min read

GoChain is extremely proud to announce that is the first ICO to be run on its platform. In addition, Solaster will also be building the world’s first healthcare interoperability data standard on top of GoChain. There is and has always been a long standing problem of segregating medical data and electronic medical records in a non-standardized way not easily accessible for patients, healthcare providers, insurance companies and more. Solaster aims to solve this problem on GoChain.

Solaster, a leading Healthcare focused blockchain company is partnering with GoChain to develop a Universal Health Data Standard. The standard will make it easily accessible to interfaces and smart contract applications allowing healthcare data to be easily interoperable with other smart contracts registered on the same blockchain. Additionally, it is an interface that can be continually accessed by external applications that make calls to smart contracts on blockchains.

Briovation, a seed-stage venture capital arm that has funded over 60 companies over the last 4 years, has partnered with Solaster to bring interoperability for a distributed, decentralized health ecosystem to the market. Brio has key assets and expertise that can drive the successful development of this ecosystem, and proposes that Solaster and GoChain leverage Brio to recruit, perform diligence and facilitate the commitment to the ecosystem of five early stage distributed applications that:

  • Leverage the ‘GO-70’ token protocol standard
  • Utilize GoChain to launch their ICO
  • Run their Dapp on the GoChain network
  • Commit to integrate with Solaster for portability of data via GO-70 standard

Solaster is launching on GoChain because it has the required speed necessary for real world applications. In the future the Ethereum network may solve the issues it has around transaction speed and scaling, but today the GoChain production network is 100% Ethereum compliant and processes transactions at 100 times the speed of the Ethereum network. Additionally, the Proof of Reputation consensus mechanism creates more transparency around the nodes that are responsible for producing blocks and coming to consensus on the network than any other consensus mechanism today.

GoChain CEO, Jason Dekker and Chief Software Architect, Travis Reeder will serve as key strategic advisors for Solaster.

Concurrently, GoChain Advisors Benn Godenzi and Dr. Majid Almansouri are also collaborating with Solaster to help create a new healthcare data standard.

Dr. Majid who introduced the project to GoChain will serve as Chief Strategy Officer for Solaster. His medical background will be invaluable in helping Solaster achieve it’s mission.

Benn will bring his incredible marketing and fund raising competencies to the project. Rounding out the Advisory team are Marcus Whitney the co-founder of Briovation and Rick Kimball, the former head of Goldman Sachs healthcare investment banking team. Both Marcus and Rick will bring tremendous expertise, knowledge, and relationships to the Solaster team.

Lastly, the GoChain Fund will partner with both Briovation and Solaster in funding healthcare ICO’s on GoChain to be interoperable with Solaster. This collaboration could result in GoChain becoming the go to healthcare protocol and dozens more ICO’s on GoChain and partnerships for Solaster.

GoChain CEO Jason Dekker announces details of Solaster ICO

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