The Shiny New GoChain Explorer and Wallet

A new year, a new explorer the old saying goes… something like that anyway. We’re proud to announce the completely overhauled GoChain block explorer, live and in production.

The new block explorer not only looks awesome (dark mode for the win), but it also comes with a bunch of new features.

Automatic GO-20/ERC-20 Information

If the explorer detects a token contract, it will automatically display the GO-20 standard information including the list of token holders.

GO-20 Contract Page

Wallet Integration

While the original wallet still exists, we’ve integrated it directly into the explorer so you can not only view the data in the blockchain with the explorer, you can also interact with it. For example, if you’re looking at a contract, you’ll be able to easily interact with it right there, without having to go to a separate wallet application. We believe that having the wallet functionality right beside the data will provide a better user experience than doing these things separately as is usually the case with other blockchains.

Integrated wallet


We hope you like the look of the new explorer and the new usability features. Let us know if you have any feedback. We’ll be adding more features as in the near future such as automatic GO-721 / ERC-721 display.

To learn more about the open source explorer, see the GitHub repository: