TrueDeck’s Provably Fair & Decentralized RNG Casino dApp to Deploy on GoChain

The GoChain team has been hard at work over the past months, collaborating closely with upcoming ICOs, existing & upcoming projects. Today we are proud to introduce TrueDeck, the first 100% provably fair, decentralized RNG Casino dApp that will be deployed on the GoChain network.

TrueDeck’s optimized casino dApps for on-chain gameplay combined with GoChain’s low-cost transactions will be positioned as the fastest and cheapest among all on-chain Casino dApps.

About TrueDeck

TrueDeck is a unified blockchain-based platform built for the online casino industry. They provide a medium of exchange for all actors involved — players, developers, operators, etc. Instead of being a blockchain counterpart of online casino businesses, TrueDeck aims to provide better tools, business insights and infrastructure which enables them to provide better experience to players while reducing cost.

TrueDeck has envisaged ground-breaking innovations i.e. Decentralized Random Number Generation, Transaction Multiplexer, Delegated Hosting to name a few of them. This will make TrueDeck achieve the throughput required for running Casinos on blockchain without state-channels.

Why Deploy on GoChain?

Due to GoChain’s 100% Ethereum compatibility, TrueDeck will be able to deploy the Smart-Contracts to GoChain with zero code changes. In the past couple of months, TrueDeck has been successful in optimizing smart-contracts to an exceptional level. With GoChain low-cost transactions, TrueDeck optimized casino smart contracts will be the fastest and cheapest among all on-chain casino dapps.

TrueDeck’s Decentralized Random Number Generation mechanism and GoChain’s Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus model is a match made in heaven. By combining both, the produced random numbers will be impossible to be tampered with and most decentralized among all Blockchain Casino Solutions.

“We’re thrilled to platform partner with GoChain and combine their best-in-class consensus model with our vision of becoming world’s largest casino platform by reshaping the standard of the online casino industry. TrueDeck wants to become a key contributor in redeveloping the technological body of online gambling industry from the ground up while adhering to the standards set by gambling commissions and respect existing jurisdictional laws. Our platform partnership will surely be a cornerstone to achieve this goal.”

— Ben Jordan, TrueDeck CEO

Our client success team will be working closely with TrueDeck devs to help transition their games to MainNet as they are ready. However, it is important to note that real-money wagering will not be available immediately. Being that TrueDeck is a gaming design studio, they are not a fully-licensed operator just yet. Unlike other crypto-based gambling apps run by anonymous teams that allow real-money wagers without a license, we’re glad TrueDeck is taking the correct approach to regulation and licensing. Stay tuned for more exciting news from TrueDeck!

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