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What’s New With GoChain — November 2022 Edition

New Use Cases

New real-world use cases continue to pop up on GoChain, including:

US Endowment Chooses GoChain for ForesTrust Blockchain

The US Endowment will utilize GoChain to track and trace paper and pulp products for ForesTrust members, starting with Domtar, to prove provenance, account for carbon, and validate sustainability claims. Retail customers will eventually be able to verify the provenance and learn about other details of finished paper products via a simple QR code scan. They also anticipate exploring and collaborating on additional forestry-related initiatives which can benefit from the use of blockchain technology.

Tokenizing Assets

The Government of Colombia Mining Agency is tokenizing their mining assets (real mining, not Bitcoin mining) on a platform built in partnership with Chainparency and GoChain. The platform enables any government, company or individual to tokenize an asset, issue shares in the asset and track ownership in an immutable ledger. Think of it as an efficient, shared, transparent cap table. No more Excel spreadsheets to keep track of ownership.

New Nodes

GoChain continues to set the bar for blockchains for good with the addition of two incredible organizations trying to make the world a better and safer place.

Detox Project

The Detox Project is a research and certification platform that encourages transparency in the food and supplement industries on the subject of toxic chemicals. Involved in a number of groundbreaking studies over the last few years particularly on the world’s most used herbicide, glyphosate, The Detox Project also develops and promotes novel testing technologies to determine the level of toxic chemicals found in our food and in our own bodies accurately and affordably. The Detox Project currently works with hundreds of food and supplement brands, ranging from manufacturers of cereals, avocado oil, baby formula, clean supplements, rice, oat & nut milks, dates, honey, wine to hemp oil and CBD products. one of the largest nonprofits you’ve never heard of, has also joined the network.


Upbring.org was also just voted in as a node validator, one of the larger non-profit organizations that you may not have heard of with thousands of employees in the USA. Upbring is an organization implementing generational innovation to advance child well-being. That means sustainable change resulting in positive shifts across generations.

New Listings

$GO was recently added to:

Why GoChain?

If you have ESG requirements, there is no better option. Not only do we have the smallest carbon footprint, but just by using the GoChain blockchain you are supporting a bunch of environmental and other non-profit organizations.



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