CNote 2017 Impact Report

The impact your money had with CNote in 2017

CNote is focused on increasing economic opportunity across America while providing a competitive return for our customers.

Every dollar invested in CNote is deployed with community lenders that fund female and minority entrepreneurs, affordable housing, and other community development projects across the United States.

Read the 2017 CNote Impact and Yearly Report.

We measure the impact CNote has through the number of businesses we fund, jobs we help create or maintain and where our dollars end up.

CNote customers not only enjoy a 2.5% return on their savings, but also the great feeling of knowing their money is increasing economic opportunity for others.

We provide this yearly impact report to quantify some of the impact CNote investors had in 2017. Along with these statistics, you can see the impact CNote has on an individual level by reading our small business success stories.

An example of some of CNote’s 2017 Impact :

  • Helped create or maintain more than 800 jobs.
  • Funded over 120 small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Deployed 1/3 of all invested dollars in low- to moderate-income (LMI) communities across America

Click the cover page below to view the full report:

We’re excited to present such fantastic statistics for 2017 and look forward to sharing even more impressive impact metrics for 2018.

-Team CNote

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Originally published at CNote’s Official Blog.

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