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Daily Digest- Launch of Healing Series A From 16 June 2021

Do you yearn for a miracle healing that has been plaguing you or your loved ones?

Do you need the strength and support to face life challenges?

Do you desire to feel whole again?

This Healing Series may be able to help you.

I have been analyzing the statistics from the 2 publications I have Created in Medium:-

Both focus heavily on healing (physical, mental and spiritual), one through spirituality and another through expert advice canvassed from research and experience.

What struck me was the high viewership on healing-related topics. Those healing-related articles have readership literally through the roof. The 2 top articles in each publication are respectively:-

I often prayed for directions for my articles whenever I suffered from writers’ block. I can attribute the successful articles to the guidance from the Holy Spirit.

I am grateful for God’s guidance that led Medium to recognize my God-inspired efforts for a spot as one of the top 1000 writers in May 2021. More importantly, it’s a clear indication for me that many people need help with healing, staying healthy and sane, and making sense of the troubled world we are living in.

I have prayed for directions and I felt a strong prompting to generate 2 series of articles on healing, one more spiritually driven under “God Help Me”, and one with invaluable expert advice through research and experience under “Fitzlim”.

I intend to launch the first Healing Series on 16th June 2021.

Your Participation, Your Benefits

While I will and have been praying for inspiration for the articles, your feedback and suggestions would be helpful to guide me on topics of key concerns or importance in your life.

You can message me with comments, feedback, and suggestions. I will endeavor to answer you quickly or incorporate your suggestions in one of my future articles.

Why am I doing this?

Well, the truth is that the articles have been helping me as much as they have been helping you. I am just as human and pretty much faced the same problems you face in life.

Writing a good article requires deep research and study. The invaluable knowledge gained has been of immense help to me in my life. I discovered that the more I share through the publications in organizing the material properly, the more insights I get, and the more I learn.

Most of us are sometimes overwhelmed with many issues. Often, we would encounter seemingly insurmountable problems that would drain us of our will and strength.

One of the important lessons I have learned is to break down the problems into smaller pieces and tackle them a small piece at a time. Of course, one smart way is to learn from highly successful people to uncover their traits and secrets to success.

I have updated one of my popular articles with a recent publication on 10 Successful People and Their Time-Tested Secrets to Success (Updated in 2021).

We can see that the success of some of these famous people did not come easy. You may not be able to acquire all the 10 traits or secrets quickly but hey, Rome was not built in a day. What is important is to assimilate some of the tips useful to you one at a time as every small victory builds your confidence to handle tougher problems.

So on 16 June 2021, let’s start looking at practical ways on How to Look Ahead, Face Reality, And Gain Wisdom.

God Bless!




We anchor our life in God in everything we do, to remind ourselves that the ultimate goal in life is to return to a blissful relationship with God. Our temporary life is a journey and God wants to help us reach our destination. Be God-centered in the transition.

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Provide great tips that help businesses and entrepreneurs to excel, health-conscious people to stay healthy & fit, in a God-centered way. cytan2016@gmail.com

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