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Divine Justice: Myth Or Spiritual Truth And Its Implications For You

You witness injustice all around you. You experience injustice all the time. Yet, you are taught to trust in divine justice and to love.

You read in the bible that God is supremely good, merciful, and just and that divine justice is the highest law there is. You are indoctrinated that the action of divine justice destroys sin and frees you to…




We anchor our life in God in everything we do, to remind ourselves that the ultimate goal in life is to return to a blissful relationship with God. Our temporary life is a journey and God wants to help us reach our destination. Be God-centered in the transition.

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Phillip Tan

Phillip Tan

Provide great tips that help businesses and entrepreneurs to excel, health-conscious people to stay healthy & fit, in a God-centered way. cytan2016@gmail.com

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