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When building web applications from scratch there is always a simple question in mind: How can I structure my application? It’s often hard to find a suitable directory structure for a complete project from the beginning. Often there are company standards, one is inspired by other projects or just tries to figure it out by himself.

To help out with the struggle of having think too deeply about those problems, some ideas have been gathered, sorted and verified to provide a structure that is scalable, simple and intuitive.

Using Guidelines

While reading through other articles, trying out structures and verifying ideas, there…

IT infrastructure should be simpler to automate. Working with AWS cloud we at GOD “Gesellschaft für Organisation und Datenverarbeitung mbH” are implementing a method of describing IT infrastructure using the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) methodology.

All businesses aim to make the best use of cloud infrastructure available. We have come to the conclusion that Kubernetes is better suited for this. Kubernetes’ job is to make the most efficient use of your infrastructure whilst ensuring that your containerized workloads are available and can scale as needed. … Blog

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