I Want to Keep Writing Code that I Believe is Changing the World

by Shea Wojciehowski

As a woman in the tech industry, it’s important for me to work for a company that supports the careers of women and minority groups. GoDaddy is no exception.

I chose to intern for GoDaddy because their brand resonates with me — especially their emphasis on diversity. I’m proud to be a part of a company that hires a larger percentage of women than almost all other technology companies! They’re even sponsoring my attendance at the Grace Hopper convention this year.

Plus, GoDaddy’s outstanding workplace culture and world-changing mission speaks to me. It has all of the fast-paced innovation of a small business combined with a beautiful, open workplace and exceptionally talented and kind coworkers. I was so impressed with everyone I spoke to during my interviews for GoDaddy, and I was overwhelmed with their positivity and belief in the company’s success and further growth.

When I received an internship in software development, there was no question that I would choose to spend my summer with GoDaddy — and my time here has only exceeded my expectations. I remember that I was so nervous on my second day because I didn’t know who I was going to sit with at lunch. The big open table was already full, so I figured I would just sulk back to my building and eat at my desk. But before I could even take two steps toward the door, a group of full-time employees (whom I had never met) approached me and asked if I would like to join them for lunch in a meeting room. I was so grateful for their gesture, and I was immediately put at ease since they treated me like we were already good friends. This workplace camaraderie is present everywhere in GoDaddy — from the lunch line to the conference room and even outside work. The interns regularly plan events together, and I can honestly say that I am so impressed by every one of them. I’m lucky to count them among my friends. Intern trivia, TV night and frequent, heated debates about programming are all highlights in my week.

Already this internship has taught me an immense amount about software development (and more specifically Android app development). I want to use this internship as a jumping-off point for my future career, which I am now convinced will be in software development/engineering. Hopefully I can continue working at GoDaddy as I have greatly enjoyed my time, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a programmer. As I continue in my career, I want to keep writing code that I believe is changing the world in some way — big or small — and I am definitely doing that now at GoDaddy. I strive to be a product manager one day so I can have an even bigger influence on the direction and realization of future projects.

One of my major influences throughout my life is my dad, who worked at Microsoft since its early days. He is one of the few people who has consistently reminded me about the power of programming, and his love for the discipline fostered my own passion for coding. My dad’s loving encouragement and technical advice has helped me continue with the path of computer engineering — even when I was discouraged or confused along the way.

In addition, my first computer science teacher in my senior year of high school had a big influence on my choice to go into computer science. I had never taken a class in CS before in high school, but my teacher, a University of Washington graduate student, was excellent. He taught coding in a way that was fun, intuitive and extremely rewarding. By the end of the course, I was coding for fun at home and treating each algorithm and bug like a puzzle. Oftentimes I struggled with these programming puzzles for days, but that only made it more satisfying when it finally worked. If it weren’t for this teacher, I might not have been exposed to the rollercoaster that is programming. And I might not be enjoying the ride today.

Shea is based in Kirkland, WA. She’s one of the phenomenal humans participating in GoDaddy’s intern program. #GoDaddyLife #GoDaddyBrave